Wednesday July 12, 2006


Bible School and Tent meetings has begun.  That means. . .

>  Approx. 20 people have moved in for the next 11 days.

>  We staff ladies don’t have to cook other then a few snacks.

>  My family will be coming down for Tent Meeting sometime.

>  Many friends will be coming, including my new BOB friends.

>  I’ll see my youth girls every night (if they attend regularly).

>  I get to learn some to know and connect with some girls I hadn’t known well before.

>  We’re praying for God to do a mighty work.


Last weekend I had a Europe reunion.  Had an amazing relaxing weekend with 3 dear friends.  We celebrated Jolynn’s birthday on Saturday.  Then Sunday we went to a park and I learned to play the famous game of settlers.

Have a wonderful week.  Later.



  1. dreamwings  •  Jul 12, 2006 @1:56 pm

    i’m so glad i’m here, and that i’m up with you. cheers to sisterhood!! love you m

  2. Anonymous  •  Jul 12, 2006 @2:57 pm

    possibly friday nite… i know, can’t wait 2 c u either!! love you!

  3. myfrey  •  Jul 12, 2006 @3:00 pm

    O.K. I’m gonna try this again – I was in the middle of leaving a comment and my computer crashed on me. 

    I have another sidekick here at work and she’s doin’ a great job.  She’s quick – answers the phone before it barely registers that the phone is ringing, and we also have fun gabbing.  Can’t wait to see you on the 23rd.  Hope you have a great day at work tomorrow.  Luv

  4. iheartMrYoder  •  Jul 12, 2006 @3:27 pm

    you sound busy. i saw fun pictures of you on jolynn’s site. looked fun. i’ll be sure to let you know the news… can’t wait!

  5. Livn4Jesus316  •  Jul 17, 2006 @7:41 pm

    hey thar lucy….so you’re in the xanga world too huh? neato! hope to see you this week not sure if it will work…have a good one!! robin hood:goodjob:

  6. Livn4Jesus316  •  Jul 17, 2006 @7:42 pm

    oh yeah….and your quote–thought you might have got that from experience:laugh:

  7. myfrey  •  Jul 18, 2006 @3:09 pm

    You all must be havin’ a busy time down there.  C-ya on Sunday.  Luv & prayers

  8. Anonymous  •  Jul 20, 2006 @7:22 am

    Hey hope ya’ll are havin a Great Tent meeting/Bible school!!!    Excited to see your sis and fam.  this week-end!!  I AM!!  :)

  9. myfrey  •  Jul 21, 2006 @8:18 am

    Help!!!!!!!!!! I just deleted your last comment by mistake!  I wanted to go to your site and instead of clicking on your username I must have hit delete.  Will you put it there again?  It made me smile when I read it.  I almost forgot about that laugh.  I’ll have to try it again! 😆   Glad you guys are having fun.  Can’t wait till Sunday!  Luv

  10. myfrey  •  Jul 26, 2006 @11:53 am

    How’s the post sbs days going?  Just wanted to say – have a wonderful day at work tomorrow.  C-ya.

  11. Anonymous  •  Jul 27, 2006 @7:26 am

    Hey, Jo here.  I was wondering if you talked to Mar or Teres bout this wknd yet?  I’ve been working my tail end off this whole wk and didn’t get a chance to contact them. 

    Have a super great day today.  And remember that “nothing tastes as good as being thin feels”  (I just read that quote somewhere and loved it. 

    :heartbeat: jo

  12. dreamwings  •  Jul 28, 2006 @10:37 pm

    ok, mission accomplished, you’re racking up the comments….how bout a post since bible school is over? m

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