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life – Monday October 30, 2006


My dear traveling buddies came to visit me and what a weekend we had.  I love these ladies.  There the type of friends who tell you how they really feel, even if it’s not exactly what I want to hear.  The type of friends described in Proverbs “as iron sharpeneth iron. . . ”  Love, love, love them.  Love, love, love the memories we made.  Love, love, love that we plan on staying friends.  Love, love, love that God has blessed me with them.


We got drinks at starbucks at Jolynn’s insistance (the same starbucks that Betsy Ross frequented in order so she could stay up late and stitch all those flags).


Enjoyed the beauty of Elfreth’s Alley.


Met Benjamin Franklin himself.  He was hanging out at Betsy Ross’ house but informed us that other people were running the print shop for him.   


What darlings. 


Went hiking yesterday afternoon (I know it’s blurry, but I like it anyways).


Fun times


The smell of fall was in the air.  


As Denise would say “the people I live with” (as she shakes head and sighs).


Um, same as above.  Don’t you just love my ugly slippers?  Um, so you can’t really see them.  They did fly off half way through the photo shoot.


So we’re crazy, but we know how to have fun.


And we can be serious at times.  I do really like this group of people, and I think I’m gonna live in denial, concerning the changes that are gonna take place.  Change is good, but not always fun. 



Yesterday. . . – Saturday October 28, 2006


I went to visit a 90 year old lady who has been sick.  Never visited with her that much but she’s always been an encouragement and a sweet presence here in the community.  So after hearing about how sick she was on Thursday, I struggled with knowing if I wanted to go visit her on Friday, or just remember her sitting on her front porch greeting me with a cheery hello.  With the encouragement of Shannon and Norma, I decided to go, knowing that I would probably regret it, if I didn’t.  We were told by a friend of hers, that she was doing much better and when she visited with us, she actually was able to take her oxygen mask of and speak more then a couple words at a time.  And I noticed an improvement later in the day when I took dinner back for her.  I only stayed a couple minutes, but she had the mask off about the whole time saying sentence after sentence.  I was so encouraged and am hoping and praying that God grants her a couple more years.  It’s so easy to take people for granted and just expect that Ms Walker will always be there sitting on her porch.   I want to do better at treasuring the relationships I have right now. 

Candance, Kyonna, and Sheanise, came over yesterday afternoon, and we did various random things.  I cooked some chicken, broccoli, and rice.  Sheanise worked on a school project (that had off school for teachers something, somethin).  Kyonna scrapbooked.  I did laundry.  Candance swept the floor for me.  And then, they all scapbooked.  

I chilled with Norma in the evening.

Today. . .

I woke up at 5:40 to take Norma to work since it was raining and she didn’t have a vehicle.  Was so glad I didn’t have to work and could come back and crawl in bed for a couple more hours

I am anticipating the arrival of some dear friends. 

A great weekend to all.


Sunday October 22, 2006


I’m presently listening to “The Christmas Canon” and enjoying a snack of M&M’s and chips & salsa.  I should be getting to bed since I don’t have anything better to do.  But I feel like rambling instead.  Norma and I walked the track tonight, so I won’t be getting up early for our Monday morning walk, which is why I can stay up late goofing off.  Tomorrow starts another busy week, so I’m gonna prolong this loafing as long as possible. 

It suddenly dawned on me today, that the two ladies I’m closest to here, are both leaving in January, and Jolynn is gonna be away at Bible School and won’t be able to come hang out with me, and I really started to freak out, because thats also when I’m gonna strike out on my own, and I’M REALLY FREAKING OUT!     My sister assured me that she’ll come visit me so I’m sure I’ll be fine.  I like change, cause it’s usually good and necessary, but that doesn’t mean that its not scary.

10 Things I’m looking forward too:

1.  Seeing my new neice Desirae (why does it have to be so long?)
2.  Having another job
3.  The thanksgiving day parade
4.  Thanksgiving with the family
5.  Christmas
6.  “The Miracle of Christmas” at sight & sound
7.  The arrival of three special ladies (my traveling companions) on Saturday
8.  Catching up on my scrapbooking
9.  Becoming the woman God intended me to be
10. A good huge snowstorm (Though I’d prefer if it didn’t come for 3 or 4 months)

10 Things I appreciate about now:

1.  Friends who encourage me and challenge me to grow and become a more godly woman
2.  Christmas music
3.  Fall weather
4.  Sweaters
5.  “Pushing Fence”  (a pretty white horse who Norma and I named)
6.  My determined plant that refuses to die despite the “shadow of death” that passed across the computer desk (thats where Gabe was located (I look at his bowl, filled only w/pebbles as it sits on my dresser and miss him just a tad))
7.  M&M’s
8.  My lovely red room
9.  My Colorado shirt that reminds me of Carmen

Anyways, enough randomness from me.  Night all.


Moments of the day – Saturday October 14, 2006


Gabriel Zeke is no longer living.  He was a good little pet and far out-lived my expectations. 

I think the gazillionth person apologized to me today for the amish school shooting.   Not sure why they apologize, because #1, they didn’t do it, and #2 I am not one of the victims.  “No, I didn’t know any of them.”  “No, I don’t live where it happened.  I live here.”  Yes, it is quite tragic and I feel sorry, too.  I guess it makes people feel better knowing that they apologized to an  “almost amish”. 

Met Rose in at Center City (how weird is that?).

Toured a loft.  It was gorgeous.  It was expensive.  I’ll stick to dreaming about it. 





Spend a couple hours in CC today.  It was beautiful.  I love fall.



Still longing for a perfect world – Thursday October 5, 2006


 Well, it was gonna be a light-hearted post tonight, but then I ended up checking out the news and all humor left me. 

My first thought when I heard about the shooting was that it’s horrible.  Then the next day as I was driving around Lancaster county making deliveries for my father, I felt angry.  Not angry at God, because He isn’t the cause of evil.  Just angry at evil – maybe the devil more specifically.  And once again longing for a perfect world.  And for one slight moment I wished the shooter would have lived so he’d have to deal w/the guilt.  Figured that would be a good punishment, but then I thought of the punishment he’s presently experiencing. . .  And now I wish he would have lived, not to be punished, but so that he could have had a chance to get to know God.  To get to know Him for real.  The God who so badly wanted him to choose Christ.   The God who could have, and wanted to give him peace.  The God who could have comforted him, so he wouldn’t have felt the need to take his anger, bitterness, etc. out on innocent people.  And then thinking of Satan and the fact that he enjoys evil. . .  It’s horrible to think of anyone having to spend eternity with such an evil being. 

Anyways, I should get to bed.  I’m about to cancel out the benefits of the 11 hours of sleep I got last-night.  Was working on that 10 hr deficit from last week. 



Went mini-golfing w/the girls at the first mini-golf in the city (as far as I know).  Was cute.  Most the holes represented something in the city – this of course being China Town.


Slept out on the deck w/Karissa the other week.  Jeanette joined us for the party before the slumber.


Biked the bridge the other week.  Was a beautiful evening.



Learning to use some of the neat features on my camera.