life – Monday October 30, 2006


My dear traveling buddies came to visit me and what a weekend we had.  I love these ladies.  There the type of friends who tell you how they really feel, even if it’s not exactly what I want to hear.  The type of friends described in Proverbs “as iron sharpeneth iron. . . ”  Love, love, love them.  Love, love, love the memories we made.  Love, love, love that we plan on staying friends.  Love, love, love that God has blessed me with them.


We got drinks at starbucks at Jolynn’s insistance (the same starbucks that Betsy Ross frequented in order so she could stay up late and stitch all those flags).


Enjoyed the beauty of Elfreth’s Alley.


Met Benjamin Franklin himself.  He was hanging out at Betsy Ross’ house but informed us that other people were running the print shop for him.   


What darlings. 


Went hiking yesterday afternoon (I know it’s blurry, but I like it anyways).


Fun times


The smell of fall was in the air.  


As Denise would say “the people I live with” (as she shakes head and sighs).


Um, same as above.  Don’t you just love my ugly slippers?  Um, so you can’t really see them.  They did fly off half way through the photo shoot.


So we’re crazy, but we know how to have fun.


And we can be serious at times.  I do really like this group of people, and I think I’m gonna live in denial, concerning the changes that are gonna take place.  Change is good, but not always fun. 




  1. beautyamoungthebeasts  •  Oct 30, 2006 @8:05 am

    Lucy Lou!  WHat a fun post!  I luv luv luv the pics!  :laugh:

  2. dreamwings  •  Oct 30, 2006 @10:05 am

    you people are amazingly strange!! I cant believe that those crazy pics made me miss you all. :( i really need to get myself down there….soon. m

  3. busdriver45  •  Oct 30, 2006 @5:12 pm

    Your staff pictures are awesome. They make me “homesick” for Philly and miss everyone like crazy! Yeah, the thought of all the change scares me too…..even tho’ I don’t live there anymore.

  4. silverhonda02  •  Oct 30, 2006 @7:31 pm

    Enjoyed the pictures.  Sure looks like fun.  Change can be challenging at times, but usually turns out great.


  5. krparson  •  Nov 1, 2006 @5:47 pm

    Wow Lucy. I need to hang out with u all more often

  6. myfrey  •  Nov 3, 2006 @8:17 am

    How was work yesterday?  I hope you’re not too tired.  I remember how it was when I worked at Yoder’s.  Legs and feet never hurt so bad in my life before.  Anyway, have an awesome weekend and I’ll see you on Monday.  Luv

  7. mom_and_pop  •  Nov 3, 2006 @10:19 pm

    Love your attitude towards life. Change happens one day at a time.

    Keep your heart open to the needs around and you will mature in Love and it’s impact.

  8. weaver_sgirl  •  Nov 6, 2006 @12:57 pm

    I just had to check out what pictures you put on. Is the pic at the falls blurry on your camera? Just wondering!!
    That was such a fun weekend!! Love ya, Have a good week!!

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