Moments of the day – Saturday October 14, 2006


Gabriel Zeke is no longer living.  He was a good little pet and far out-lived my expectations. 

I think the gazillionth person apologized to me today for the amish school shooting.   Not sure why they apologize, because #1, they didn’t do it, and #2 I am not one of the victims.  “No, I didn’t know any of them.”  “No, I don’t live where it happened.  I live here.”  Yes, it is quite tragic and I feel sorry, too.  I guess it makes people feel better knowing that they apologized to an  “almost amish”. 

Met Rose in at Center City (how weird is that?).

Toured a loft.  It was gorgeous.  It was expensive.  I’ll stick to dreaming about it. 





Spend a couple hours in CC today.  It was beautiful.  I love fall.




  1. Anonymous  •  Oct 15, 2006 @10:51 pm

    RIP Zeke!!!! 😥 😥 We were so close. Will send card later.

  2. completewineskin  •  Oct 16, 2006 @7:59 am

    Yea, it has been awhile…life is good, and very busy, but I wouldn’t trade this part of my life for another.  :) 

  3. myfrey  •  Oct 16, 2006 @8:15 am

    My condolences to you for Gabriel.  Poor thing.  Do I get to see you today?

  4. silverhonda02  •  Oct 16, 2006 @9:57 pm

    Hey I forgot to tell you that I was at your resturant last Fri. Oct 6.  I asked about you but they said that you only work Thurs.  Your boss asked me if I’m your sister. :)  We were down there at the convention center for an ACE show for work.  It was really busy there.  I can’t imagine working there.  :)

  5. Anonymous  •  Oct 16, 2006 @10:52 pm

    Just glad I could help. :)

  6. Anonymous  •  Oct 18, 2006 @11:40 am

    I don’t know what I”m doing for sure this wknd besides the wedding yet.  Talk to ya later bout that hopefully.  I prob won’t know for sure until after the weddin.  ( you know me: late min type!)

  7. Ayikoru  •  Oct 18, 2006 @9:45 pm

    hey, this is Beth…I don’t know if you remember me or not…I’m Steve’s fiance’ and I lived in philly for two summers, so I went to the sixth street church.  anyway, I just wanted to say, “hi!”:)

  8. Ayikoru  •  Oct 20, 2006 @7:40 pm

    Thanks, Lucy!!!!  I’m quite happy and excited.  “Let wedding bells start ringin in this town…”  Hope all’s well in Philly.  I really do wanna come visit again sometime, but it probably won’t happen until next year…

  9. spdrew  •  Oct 20, 2006 @7:43 pm

    Lucy, that was me above…  I was signed in under Beth’s name, but the comment was mine.  Sorry, and happy days to you. :)

  10. kaybkrazy  •  Oct 21, 2006 @8:56 pm

    hi Lucy.. Do u know me? I’m  related to u i think.. Your mom is my cousin or somthing. I know ur family came to the big Zimmerman reunions. Sounds like ur keeping busy. Enjoy Philly for me. Havent had the chance to see it lately. take care-K

  11. busdriver45  •  Oct 22, 2006 @11:16 pm

    This week & next are with Melard, the 3rd week with Conservative. Would have loved to have been there this weekend, but was just too much going on here. Maybe in 2 weeks….not sure yet.

  12. busdriver45  •  Oct 22, 2006 @11:21 pm

    Accept my deepest symathies on behalf of Gabriel Zeke. Now you know the great despair and agony I suffered over the passing of Tahlulah.

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