Still longing for a perfect world – Thursday October 5, 2006


 Well, it was gonna be a light-hearted post tonight, but then I ended up checking out the news and all humor left me. 

My first thought when I heard about the shooting was that it’s horrible.  Then the next day as I was driving around Lancaster county making deliveries for my father, I felt angry.  Not angry at God, because He isn’t the cause of evil.  Just angry at evil – maybe the devil more specifically.  And once again longing for a perfect world.  And for one slight moment I wished the shooter would have lived so he’d have to deal w/the guilt.  Figured that would be a good punishment, but then I thought of the punishment he’s presently experiencing. . .  And now I wish he would have lived, not to be punished, but so that he could have had a chance to get to know God.  To get to know Him for real.  The God who so badly wanted him to choose Christ.   The God who could have, and wanted to give him peace.  The God who could have comforted him, so he wouldn’t have felt the need to take his anger, bitterness, etc. out on innocent people.  And then thinking of Satan and the fact that he enjoys evil. . .  It’s horrible to think of anyone having to spend eternity with such an evil being. 

Anyways, I should get to bed.  I’m about to cancel out the benefits of the 11 hours of sleep I got last-night.  Was working on that 10 hr deficit from last week. 



Went mini-golfing w/the girls at the first mini-golf in the city (as far as I know).  Was cute.  Most the holes represented something in the city – this of course being China Town.


Slept out on the deck w/Karissa the other week.  Jeanette joined us for the party before the slumber.


Biked the bridge the other week.  Was a beautiful evening.



Learning to use some of the neat features on my camera.  



  1. dreamwings  •  Oct 6, 2006 @7:43 am

    what can i do to convince you that comment made you officially weird? love you anyway. m

  2. myfrey  •  Oct 6, 2006 @9:54 am

    Looks like some fun times.  Have an awesome weekend & I’ll c-ya on Tuesday.

  3. novembersnoelle  •  Oct 6, 2006 @10:30 pm

    I must come see you.  am going through withdraw.  need a juicyLucy fix STAT.

  4. busdriver45  •  Oct 6, 2006 @11:57 pm

    Good post. Good thoughts.

  5. Anonymous  •  Oct 9, 2006 @8:24 am

    Yeah, I decided to shot for 30 things because the list isn’t quite as long and the long range goal doesn’t seem too far out there!  Did you ever complete yours w/ 40?…..

    Have a fantbulous wk! :love:

  6. carsto_girl  •  Oct 11, 2006 @9:09 pm

    hey we r on at the same tym. cool. miss u and wish i could do my turn and visit u right now. in a few months. it looks like it could go till march or april now. :( :) mixed feelings can’t u tell? 😆

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