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Randomness – Wednesday November 29, 2006


 Keith, I was in your neighborhood yesterday.  Well, that is, if your neighborhood is aprox 12 miles north of Baltimore along 83.  Yeah, I took a quick road-trip to almost Baltimore yesterday.  I kept saying I was going to Boston.  You see, I’ve never been to Boston in the Fall.  Actually, I’ve never been to Boston in any season.  I think I would have had a lot more fun going to Boston.  But then, I wouldn’t have been able to do that in one day, would have I.  Not to mention accomplish all the other things I did yesterday.   Speaking of accomplishing things. . .  I didn’t accomplish much today, unless you count sleeping for hours.  But hopefully this means, I’ll be ready to work my tail off all day tomorrow. 

Random shots of this summer since, I have no recent pictures to post, since I have become a none photo taker lately.

IMG_0439   IMG_0301

IMG_0432  IMG_0402

IMG_0418  IMG_0447

Donte on the wagon w/Denise is my favorite, I think.  Later.


Found some more random shots


IMG_5036  IMG_5042 IMG_5035

   IMG_5043 IMG_5046

Someone was in a weird picture taking mood.  And it wasn’t me, I promise

Oh, but I do have a good story to tell, if anyones interested.  The other Friday, we girls headed out the city around 9:00am and didnt’ return till about 2:00 something.  That evening I detected a strange oder in our apartment and mentioned to Denise that it smelled like limberger cheese.  She didn’t have an opinion concerning that but did think that it smelled.  So despite the chill in the air, we had the windows open, fans on, and candle’s burning.  Saturday morning I sat down to talk to Rose, who was being industrious on the computer, and mentioned my suspicion that it smelled like limberger cheese.  She gets this “light-bulb turned on” look on her face and exclaims that it does indeed smell like cheese.  We looked on top of the cupboards at her suggestion, and sure enough, we found two napkins with some yucky smelling yellow cheese on them.  Through out the morning we randomly sniffed out some more napkins w/cheese in unique places, like the game closet and the computer door.  It wasn’t no guessing game trying to figure out who it was.  Apparently the guys in the corner house are not non-resistant.  But now, weeks later the story gets better.  The unfortunate guy who went to purchase the cheese, had to taste it before purchasing it, because they didn’t have limburger cheese and he didn’t want to look stupid for buying some cheese he had never heard of before, without trying it.  I think he regretted that decision for the next half hour or maybe more.  He’d probably be to proud to admit it though.

hahahhahahhahahahahahahahaha.  That just makes me laugh. 



Of family and castles – Friday November 24, 2006




We went to visit my Uncle & Aunts Castle in the woods yesterday.  A delighful place. 


The stone fire-place (from Italy) in the great room


My mom and Aunt visiting in the great room.


Grandpa reading to Chiara.


Chiara helped Grandma make the dessert and then got to lick the spoon.


Our yearly informal family picture.


And from a couple months ago.  Had Kyonna and Candance out for a weekend and we went to the coffee shop.  Fun times.



A delightful day – Friday November 17, 2006


 You might be deranged if you come home from the store excited about the bargain you got on the toilet bowl brush. 

So today was rather delightful.  Some of us went up to Lansdale area to meet Ann (a delighful lady who, along with her husband, attends church here).  We shopped at a delightful store and then Ann treated us to lunch at a very delightful pizza restoirante.  So, I guess delighful is the word of the day, because Denise and I were having a delighful time cleaning late this afternoon, also.  Oh, and we also got to see Ann’s delighful house which she calls a “brick pizza oven”. 

In other delighful news. . .  I’m feeling a lot more financially stable and this new endeavor of mine is actually looking very possible.


Don’t you just love this picture?  I love the stairs.  They just make you want to climb them and see whats at the top.  (Which I actually did, even though we weren’t going that way.  I was mildly disappointed to discover just more of the same hiking trail.)


I’m thankful for where I’m at right now.  I do love life and this city.  I can only imagine how gorgeous the God made city is gonna be.   We’ve got the God made (the sky and river) sprinkled in with the man made and this is pretty amazing.

Well, I guess I’ll conclude this randomness.  Jannelle is coming to pick up her car shortly so I’ll prob head out and chat with her a bit.  I think I’m slightly jealous, cause she’s heading to Lancaster (a place thats pretty dear to my heart).  But I guess I’ll  refrain from jealousy, cause I’ll be making the trip back and forth next week, more then I want to think about.  Sigh.  If they would schwish all the unsued land between here and Lancaster together (and there is some unused land, I’m pretty sure), I would be able to look forward to the drive so much more.  Anyways, peace to all.



old city – the memories – Saturday November 11, 2006


Had dinner with this dear girl at “old city pizza” tonight.  I really like this girl.  We seem to connect for some reason.  She has such a desire to live right and to make something of herself.  And I’m gonna back her up as much as possible.  I’m gonna be her cheerleader, her fan, her friend.



Let me count the reasons I love old city

> “old city pizza”
> starbucks
> elfreths alley
> beautiful parks and buildings
> memories
> more memories
> still more memories



Today. . . – Friday November 3, 2006


– I took a walk
– I grocery shopped
– I explored a school that’s about to be torn down
– I searched for treasures
– I cleaned
– I washed clothe
– I searched for answers and came up with more questions
– I need to sleep