A delightful day – Friday November 17, 2006


 You might be deranged if you come home from the store excited about the bargain you got on the toilet bowl brush. 

So today was rather delightful.  Some of us went up to Lansdale area to meet Ann (a delighful lady who, along with her husband, attends church here).  We shopped at a delightful store and then Ann treated us to lunch at a very delightful pizza restoirante.  So, I guess delighful is the word of the day, because Denise and I were having a delighful time cleaning late this afternoon, also.  Oh, and we also got to see Ann’s delighful house which she calls a “brick pizza oven”. 

In other delighful news. . .  I’m feeling a lot more financially stable and this new endeavor of mine is actually looking very possible.


Don’t you just love this picture?  I love the stairs.  They just make you want to climb them and see whats at the top.  (Which I actually did, even though we weren’t going that way.  I was mildly disappointed to discover just more of the same hiking trail.)


I’m thankful for where I’m at right now.  I do love life and this city.  I can only imagine how gorgeous the God made city is gonna be.   We’ve got the God made (the sky and river) sprinkled in with the man made and this is pretty amazing.

Well, I guess I’ll conclude this randomness.  Jannelle is coming to pick up her car shortly so I’ll prob head out and chat with her a bit.  I think I’m slightly jealous, cause she’s heading to Lancaster (a place thats pretty dear to my heart).  But I guess I’ll  refrain from jealousy, cause I’ll be making the trip back and forth next week, more then I want to think about.  Sigh.  If they would schwish all the unsued land between here and Lancaster together (and there is some unused land, I’m pretty sure), I would be able to look forward to the drive so much more.  Anyways, peace to all.




  1. mom_and_pop  •  Nov 18, 2006 @8:03 am

    Your photos seem to make me believe you are related to a structural art photagrapher living in my house. The design of the stairs i agree make you want to climb them and the river bridges are the art work to transport you back to lanc.co..Keep working to find that tastfully designed house.  Only you and God can make it happen. Be strong

  2. myfrey  •  Nov 20, 2006 @8:05 am

    Wait, did I just read that you had a delightful cleaning experience?  Would you like a job?  I pay pretty good!  J/K (about the job, that is!:spinning: )  Cleaning is just not on my list of “favorite things to do”. 

  3. travelingon  •  Nov 21, 2006 @6:14 pm

    u have a lovely little neice who i am sure u will just love when u see her in person!! i was hoping u cud make the long trek out here to see her so we cud see u again but i know it takes forever to cum out here and also time off of work. u guys have a great wk and tell Dave’s i said hi!! give Chiara a hug for me. miss her smiling face in the kitchen!:(

  4. krparson  •  Nov 22, 2006 @9:10 pm

    thanks for your prayers.

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