old city – the memories – Saturday November 11, 2006


Had dinner with this dear girl at “old city pizza” tonight.  I really like this girl.  We seem to connect for some reason.  She has such a desire to live right and to make something of herself.  And I’m gonna back her up as much as possible.  I’m gonna be her cheerleader, her fan, her friend.



Let me count the reasons I love old city

> “old city pizza”
> starbucks
> elfreths alley
> beautiful parks and buildings
> memories
> more memories
> still more memories




  1. Anonymous  •  Nov 11, 2006 @9:31 pm

    hey Lucy!  Old city sounds fun…take care and have a super weekend!  your cousin, Cheryl

  2. carsto_girl  •  Nov 12, 2006 @1:36 am

    hey do u have to make it harder?! i can’t wait to come and hang out with u! fun fun!! and wow is she ever growing up!!!! shes such a honey.:heartbeat: at least i always liked her before i left. well i am in the middle of ice age…again. :giggle: luv u and miss u! :love:

  3. iheartMrYoder  •  Nov 14, 2006 @4:36 pm

    it sounds like you are a good friend. i’m glad you like the city…

  4. myfrey  •  Nov 17, 2006 @7:51 am

    Nice to chat just a bit this morning.  Hope you have a wonderful weekend!  I’ll see you next week.  Can’t wait for the whole fam to be together once again!  

    (Btw, I like your song)

  5. dreamwings  •  Nov 17, 2006 @1:23 pm

    dont think i’ve ever been called that before!? but thanks? i guess. :)  cant wait to see you. m

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