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Sunday December 17, 2006


I don’t like:
-pain without progress
-feeling disconnected from my friends
-when urgent things push out important things
-that my world isn’t always perfect and sometimes seems out of control 

I love:
-my family
-good conversations
-connecting with people on a deeper than surface level
-Peace my Savior provides even in the midst of difficult times
-the ability to think and reason
-the way God provides for me before I even have time to stress about it
-that God is in complete control of this sometimes crazy life of mine

Sometimes life really confuses me.  Things work out for some people and not for others.  Some people sail through life with out difficulty, while others face one issue after the next.  Some people are born into wonderful homes, while others are born unloved.  If I could see the big picture, I wonder then if I would even get it.




Sunday December 10, 2006


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It’s Christmas Time in the City – Friday December 8, 2006


I had something fun to look forward to after my long day of work yesterday.  Not that Thursday evenings aren’t usually fun or anything.   As soon as 5:00 rolled around, Norma and I  headed to the rest room and hastily got in some better smelling clothes and put our better looking faces (and breathe) on, then waited on the street for the rest of the crew to come in and pick us up for an evening of enjoying the sites and sounds of the city at Christmas.

IMG_3550 Shannon, Norma, and Duane enjoying the light show and organ at Macy’s


Duncan Donuts to warm us up and prepare us for the long walk ahead of us.

IMG_3583 The guys at love park.  Rose, the brilliant one, noted that the Christmas tree in the background was decorated with the same colors as the Love Park sign.

IMG_3598 Mike, Galen, and, Rose, on the cold march to the Art Museum.

IMG_3592 Denise and I, cheesin in anticipation of more fun stuff in this cold weather.  Note:  I’m wearing a jacket because Norma didn’t have a coat and I had both (wore the jacket to work and Rose brought the coat for me).  It’s not that I think it’s cool to wear jackets in 20degree weather.

IMG_3608 Are we cool or what.  Standing in the middle of the fountains (which obviously are drained for the winter).

IMG_3640 And after living in the city for almost three years, I, along with most of these fine folks (whom you can’t see real well due to the blurry nature of the picture), made the “Rocky” run up the Art Museum steps. 

IMG_3617 The Beautiful Museum.