Sunday December 10, 2006


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  1. dreamwings  •  Dec 10, 2006 @10:16 pm

    why praytell do you have jo as your profile pic? just a tad confused here. m

  2. beautyamoungthebeasts  •  Dec 11, 2006 @11:54 am

    shucks!  you changed your profile pic :wha:

  3. myfrey  •  Dec 11, 2006 @1:05 pm

    I enjoyed your slide show.  Seems like forever since I’ve seen you!  But, I guess I’ll be seein’ you soon.  Luv

  4. dreamwings  •  Jan 31, 2007 @8:12 am

    ok, so a few concerns here:
    #1- what’s up with not posting for 1 1/2 months? i thought i’m the only one alowed to do that!
    #2- i know i talked to you when you were eating before you left yesterday, but i was in a drug-induced sleepy state, so it doesnt count. i miss you! i need to talk to you! hurry to get here this weekend. i need my Lucy  conversation fix!!!!
    #3- you are a cool sister!
    #4- love you m

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