Sunday December 17, 2006


I don’t like:
-pain without progress
-feeling disconnected from my friends
-when urgent things push out important things
-that my world isn’t always perfect and sometimes seems out of control 

I love:
-my family
-good conversations
-connecting with people on a deeper than surface level
-Peace my Savior provides even in the midst of difficult times
-the ability to think and reason
-the way God provides for me before I even have time to stress about it
-that God is in complete control of this sometimes crazy life of mine

Sometimes life really confuses me.  Things work out for some people and not for others.  Some people sail through life with out difficulty, while others face one issue after the next.  Some people are born into wonderful homes, while others are born unloved.  If I could see the big picture, I wonder then if I would even get it.





  1. canoes4christ  •  Dec 18, 2006 @10:14 pm

    That’s pretty deep stuff. good questions though. I tend to think it would make a difference if I could see the “big picture”, but I’m sure I still wouldn’t understand everything.

    btw Talked w/ Jethro tonight. First chance we get we’re gonna go boarding! ttyl

  2. iheartMrYoder  •  Dec 19, 2006 @11:00 am

    another one of your many good lists.

  3. carsto_girl  •  Dec 22, 2006 @12:35 pm

    i will be coming home in a month the way it looks. looking forward to chillin in the city again. been way to long!!!! luv u an miss u. merry christmas!!! :heartbeat:

  4. busdriver45  •  Dec 25, 2006 @10:23 pm

    Wow Lucy, you’re really scaring me!!! Will I ever feel “at home” again when I come back to Philly!?! Yeah, I know I will, but it’s definitely gonna be way different. God’s best to you as you face the next several weeks of change.

  5. iheartMrYoder  •  Dec 26, 2006 @4:08 pm

    hop eyou had a great christmas

  6. beautyamoungthebeasts  •  Dec 26, 2006 @4:58 pm

    Your lists of things you hate and like are always so interesting.  Good talking to you the other night.  Get ready for the big change, girl!  It’s gonna be gggrrrrrrrrrrreat!  As tony the tiger would say!  Anyway, it really be fantabulous if you could come in for the new year…..  teres might come to and we could drag her along baby visiting!;-)  I can hear her already……:whocares::whocares:

    Have a wonderful week!:heartbeat:jo

  7. Anonymous  •  Dec 27, 2006 @12:21 am

    Hey Lucy! It’s great to hear from you. I guess that you  know that my family is moving to my pop-pops farm right? We’ll be mov ed in sometime between the end of January/begining of february, so when were move in you DEFF. have to come :)

  8. Livn4Jesus316  •  Dec 27, 2006 @9:33 pm

    merry Christmas!
    how is your moving coming along?
    need any help?

  9. krparson  •  Dec 28, 2006 @4:08 pm

    it was good to at least see you today. :)

  10. mom_and_pop  •  Dec 30, 2006 @11:18 pm

    Hay Mam keep the Son shine in the smile on your face,Ilove your attitude , it is an inspiration

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