She’s back! – Friday January 5, 2007


She left me about two weeks ago, this dear friend of mine.  I missed her like crazy.  She needed repairs on the one hinge which, incidentally, they didn’t fix.  Oh, I should mention, it’s my laptop.  I didn’t realize how much I depended on it till it was gone.  Yeah, I still had computer access, but I couldn’t get my one email, for who knows what reason.  And my finances have been completely out of order since I manage everything on my laptop.  Anyways, it needs to go back cause it isn’t fixed, but until then, I’m gonna spend as much time catching up with my computer as possible. 



  1. myfrey  •  Jan 8, 2007 @11:23 am

    Thanks for clarifying who this friend is.  I was a bit confused at first.  Hope you were able to get reconnected, again.  Have a good one!

  2. mom_and_pop  •  Jan 10, 2007 @5:55 pm

    unhinged / I don’t like when I do it. Please send it back and get it hinged. ??? like your job ???

  3. Livn4Jesus316  •  Jan 11, 2007 @6:32 am

    thats how it was christened…..;) i know me 3. twas just think’n about them yesterday….

  4. myfrey  •  Jan 12, 2007 @11:45 am

    Just me, seeing how you be.  Hope your day went well at work yesterday.  Have a great weekend!

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