Life in the fast lane – Monday February 12, 2007


It was a balmy 41 degrees when I went to the Post Office at 4:15 today.  Met my mom there.  I kinda hope it waits to really snow till at least 2:00pm.  I have a gazillion deliveries I’d like to accomplish tomorrow, as well as drive home, before this crazy storm arrives.  

My life has been pretty much spinning out of control lately.  I’ve been working my tail off.  And when I’m not working, I’m traipsing across this crazy country.  Out to SM one weekend to see my dear friends, off to Georgia another weekend, and then a weekend in Lancaster with my family.  Then this past weekend, my sister and brother came to visit me. 

And the busyness continues.  I’m working a five day week this week, in addition to the 10 hours I’m gonna put in for my home based job.  Market wanted me to work another day, but I refused.  A six day week plus 10 hours is just nigh to impossible.  The money will be nice, but having time to think is also nice.  

I’m ready for life to fall into a nice pattern that I can work with.  Just a simple, uncluttered, unbusy life would be nice.

I’m tired.  Going to bed.  Hoping for balmy, no-snow weather tomorrow morning and afternoon.  Later.




  1. Anonymous  •  Feb 13, 2007 @7:39 am

    Hey girl, it sounds like you are enjoying life to the fullest! Hope you are enjoying “your house”. The snow is coming here already. Have a great day. ~your cousin

  2. beautyamoungthebeasts  •  Feb 13, 2007 @8:59 am

    opps, it’s snowing! :(  I hope your day goes wonderuful in spite of.  :goodjob:

    ur an awesome sis-friend!  luv you much and remember your allowed to work a lot now cause you can! :p

    Happy :heartbeat: day in advance!

  3. iheartMrYoder  •  Feb 13, 2007 @4:18 pm

    it’s 6 hours from my family. how do you do it? it’s very hard at times.

  4. weaver_sgirl  •  Feb 15, 2007 @2:38 pm

    Hey lucy,I just wanted to see what is going on in your life!!
    Didn’t talk to you in awhile. How was your birthday? I really
    should just call you.
    I keep plugging away at my europe pics.Maybe one day, I’ll finally
    get them finished. I just finished w/ sorrento:^)
    Have an awesome day!!! I hope you week goes smoothly.
    love ya, marie

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