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The tale of a black cat (er, paw, actually) – Thursday March 29, 2007


I was walking up the street today, when I saw a cat in the middle of the road with a line of cars behind it.  Danzel, who was nearby, informed me that the cats paw was broken cause a car ran over it.  The cat, in it’s injured state, proceeded to limp around before it lay down in the middle of the street.  The cars began to just drive around it, while Danzel and I stood on the sidewalk arguing about who should remove the cat from the street.  Soon a car came zooming up and we both turned away, sure it was going to be hit for real, and killed.  Danzel lamented that he “don’t want to see a cat get killed”.  I kinda felt the same.  So then we continued to argue about who should go get the cat.  I even offered to walk out onto the street with him, if he would get it.  Finally a cat-loving concerned person came dashing up the street and after attempting to get close to the cat, asked if anybody had a towel (there was  quite a number of on-lookers by now).  Danzel offered the extra shirt he had draped around his neck and she proceeded with caution, to pick up the cat.  By this time, the neighbor girl had showed up and declared that she knew the cat owner, so the “lady in shining armor”, followed the girl, with Danzel trailing along (she had his shirt, after all).  I, proceeded on my way home.  So ends this tale of a black cat.


It was a good day – Wednesday March 28, 2007


March 28, 2007 will be a day I will probably remember – for at least a week or two that is.  Just a couple little wonderful blessings.

– I got off work and am able to go along with the rest of my family to visit the rest of my family.  PTL!!!!
– I, along with Rose, went to visit the neighbors today.  Some very nice people who are an instrument in making my future make sense, or should I say, a little more decided.
– Had some company for dinner.  Some nice people, who I hang out with occasionally.  I used to live with them, but now live a long 2 and a half blocks away.
– Talked to one of the youth girls who is really really excited about our canoe trip this summer.  Makes me feel like I’m doing the right thing. 

I think I might remember this day, if I can that is.  My memory has been so foggy these days.  It has about a two minute delay sometimes.  I think I need some almonds, or maybe I just need to get over this cold.  I still remember the blessings of today, so maybe it’s getting better.

One very happy girl, signing off.

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Sunday March 25, 2007


A WINTER WONDERLAND? – Friday March 16, 2007


Two days ago we had 79 degrees.  Today we have a measurable accumulation of sleet.  Whats up with that?

Some quotes recently heard:

“They say springs just around the corner.  I walked to the end of the block and looked around the corner, but didn’t see it.”

“I don’t mind cold weather.  It’s just this, taking your whole wardrobe to work because you don’t know what the weather will be like till the end of the day, that I don’t like.”

Billions & billions of little ice balls all piled up.  Don’t think we had any snow.

Almost a four hour drive to get back to the city.  Thank goodness I had some phone calls to help pass the time.

This too shall past.  There is hope.  Spring will come. 


A life of leisure – Monday March 12, 2007


That’s what today and the next two days feel like.  I’m not working and I feel like I have so much time on my hands.  I’m loving it.  I actually went to staff meeting this morning.  Hadn’t been at one of those in a minute.  Was kinda fun.  Felt normal. 

I’m just determined to make the most of these three days, cause this is a rare occurance.  Hoping to get a lot accomplished.

This weather and the time change are making me so excited for spring.

IMG_6285  IMG_6184

and spring like activities

IMG_6333 IMG_6176

and parks

IMG_6344 IMG_6296

but, man, this summer is going to be so different from previous.


Surpises – Part II in a series – Thursday March 8, 2007


> This past weekend I had the lovely opportunity to see and talk to some wonderful people – Teresa, Jess, Janelle, and a lot of other people I hardly ever see. (this ones for you Jess.  I got the feeling you felt excluded in my surprise list).

> Tuesday, got to have lunch very unexpectedly with my dear friend Monica whom I hadn’t seen in months – maybe even a year.

> Today – One of my regular customers showed up at work today with a starbucks frap for me – now that was a very nice surpise.



A day of nice surprises – Wednesday March 7, 2007


> Some people from my church in the country showed up at work today (in town for the flower show).  They ate there and then blessed me with a rather large gift.

> I got a free ticket to the flower show which I had already planned on attending.

> It snowed about 2″ (I guess I could have done without that one, and it really wasn’t a surprise.

> Denise picked me up at work so I wouldn’t have to bike home in the snow (Yay for Denise!!!).

Now, I wish I’d be surprised with an extra long night.  I wonder if the moon could stand still tonight.