A day of nice surprises – Wednesday March 7, 2007


> Some people from my church in the country showed up at work today (in town for the flower show).  They ate there and then blessed me with a rather large gift.

> I got a free ticket to the flower show which I had already planned on attending.

> It snowed about 2″ (I guess I could have done without that one, and it really wasn’t a surprise.

> Denise picked me up at work so I wouldn’t have to bike home in the snow (Yay for Denise!!!).

Now, I wish I’d be surprised with an extra long night.  I wonder if the moon could stand still tonight.



  1. palmtrees83  •  Mar 7, 2007 @7:38 pm

    Hey, hi yourself… :)  so i guess ur still living in philly?  would be fun to hang out again… lata…

  2. Livn4Jesus316  •  Mar 7, 2007 @9:21 pm

    hi lucy……t’was lovely seeing your lovely face last weekend!!!! now that was a lovely surprise!!!!! love ya -j

  3. Anonymous  •  Mar 8, 2007 @12:31 am

    yea it was awesome seeing you again. thanks, we had alot of fun now I’m just sad that its over :( lol

    sounds like you had a pretty awesome day! lol and yay for the snow cause its like the first snow that actually stuck in NJ this year…:goodjob:

    allrighty ttyl :wave: Sam

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