A life of leisure – Monday March 12, 2007


That’s what today and the next two days feel like.  I’m not working and I feel like I have so much time on my hands.  I’m loving it.  I actually went to staff meeting this morning.  Hadn’t been at one of those in a minute.  Was kinda fun.  Felt normal. 

I’m just determined to make the most of these three days, cause this is a rare occurance.  Hoping to get a lot accomplished.

This weather and the time change are making me so excited for spring.

IMG_6285  IMG_6184

and spring like activities

IMG_6333 IMG_6176

and parks

IMG_6344 IMG_6296

but, man, this summer is going to be so different from previous.



  1. twocomplicated  •  Mar 13, 2007 @5:32 pm

    the king of prussia mall, and the airport believe you me we shopped till we literaly dropped!!  i used to love philly now i think i hate it, cause i had to drive in rush hour:eek:

  2. Anonymous  •  Mar 14, 2007 @2:00 pm

    yes, she is really good!! i’m feeling some better – thanks!

  3. iheartMrYoder  •  Mar 15, 2007 @3:46 pm

    were are you going in 3 days?

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