A WINTER WONDERLAND? – Friday March 16, 2007


Two days ago we had 79 degrees.  Today we have a measurable accumulation of sleet.  Whats up with that?

Some quotes recently heard:

“They say springs just around the corner.  I walked to the end of the block and looked around the corner, but didn’t see it.”

“I don’t mind cold weather.  It’s just this, taking your whole wardrobe to work because you don’t know what the weather will be like till the end of the day, that I don’t like.”

Billions & billions of little ice balls all piled up.  Don’t think we had any snow.

Almost a four hour drive to get back to the city.  Thank goodness I had some phone calls to help pass the time.

This too shall past.  There is hope.  Spring will come. 



  1. Anonymous  •  Mar 20, 2007 @10:01 am

    Move west where the sun shines! It’s plum beautiful out here:) We did have a good bit of winter, but spring is definitely in the air! 

  2. iheartMrYoder  •  Mar 20, 2007 @4:12 pm

    oh i hate that… you get all excited about the warm weather then it gets all cold the next day… i can relate.

  3. twocomplicated  •  Mar 21, 2007 @9:37 pm

     i’m looking for a beautiful hotel in downtown philly, any ideas??  since you live in philly, i thought you might know? and in regards to your question a week ago, i picked up 2 of my friends at the philly airport, then we spendth the night at a hotel and shopped at the king of prussia mall..it was fun but i was SO tired of walking!!

  4. busdriver45  •  Mar 22, 2007 @7:04 pm

    Sorry, but I think I might have on my schedule to sleep in that morning….or something…lol! I do feel your pain, however.

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