The tale of a black cat (er, paw, actually) – Thursday March 29, 2007


I was walking up the street today, when I saw a cat in the middle of the road with a line of cars behind it.  Danzel, who was nearby, informed me that the cats paw was broken cause a car ran over it.  The cat, in it’s injured state, proceeded to limp around before it lay down in the middle of the street.  The cars began to just drive around it, while Danzel and I stood on the sidewalk arguing about who should remove the cat from the street.  Soon a car came zooming up and we both turned away, sure it was going to be hit for real, and killed.  Danzel lamented that he “don’t want to see a cat get killed”.  I kinda felt the same.  So then we continued to argue about who should go get the cat.  I even offered to walk out onto the street with him, if he would get it.  Finally a cat-loving concerned person came dashing up the street and after attempting to get close to the cat, asked if anybody had a towel (there was  quite a number of on-lookers by now).  Danzel offered the extra shirt he had draped around his neck and she proceeded with caution, to pick up the cat.  By this time, the neighbor girl had showed up and declared that she knew the cat owner, so the “lady in shining armor”, followed the girl, with Danzel trailing along (she had his shirt, after all).  I, proceeded on my way home.  So ends this tale of a black cat.



  1. dreamwings  •  Mar 30, 2007 @8:31 am

    you lead such and exciting life!
    oh to be like you my dearest sister! my life is rather drab at the moment. plus, i said i’d work tomorrow, and i’m not into it at all. b’s coming over night then tho, so that should be good, and you know what the day after that is? oh yeah, maybe my life is exciting!
    btw cute profile pic
    also btw in less than a week, we’s gone!

    love you bunches!

    ps, i know i told you knicknames cant be forced they just happen, but i decided i want to be called charlie, so if you could see that that happens i’d love you forever. not forcing it or anything here. (ha ha ha, aint it just great!) lata, michele, aka m, aka CHARLIE

  2. canoes4christ  •  Mar 31, 2007 @10:52 pm

    Poor cat.  On a brighter note, it was good to see you and all the others from Philly at SMBI. -later

  3. British_Heart  •  Apr 1, 2007 @8:28 am

    Poor cat. Why argue about getting it?

  4. iheartMrYoder  •  Apr 2, 2007 @5:27 pm

    that;s a cute story.

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