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Moving Again – Thursday April 26, 2007


Yes, I’m moving.  Well, my stuff is actually pretty much all moved already.  It’s just waiting for me to join it on the third floor of the “Social House”.  I’m prolonging the “joining” as long as possible.  My stuff left yesterday and I’m not going till tomorrow.  I’m gonna enjoy one last-night in my “little house in the big city”.  I’m sad to leave.  Glad to have Shorma back, but sad that having them back means I have to leave. 

And speaking of stuff. . .  I’m am doing some serious stuff reduction before I move once again, this summer.  I hate stuff.  One really doesn’t need that many things to make it in life and I’m planning on proving that theory. 

Well, I best do some some serious cleaning and then I think I’ll make myself a cup of tea, grab a book, and enjoy my last-night here.


I just want to sleep – Saturday April 21, 2007


After having a four hour night last night and then working an almost an eleven hour day, today, all I want to do is sleep.  But the neighbors have other plans.  There’s some extreme party music happening right across the street, so I don’t see sleep happening anytime soon. 



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Wednesday April 18, 2007


IMG_6532 IMG_6529 IMG_6536 IMG_6544 IMG_6535 IMG_6533

1 – It’s an oreo
2 – Bestest friends and we seriously did not try to match.  We’re not like that.  It was freaky.
3 – Family togetherness around the table in Indiana.
4 – Aunt Michele turning the munchkin into a gypsy.
5 – Auntie and neice chilling on the sofa.
6 – Passing the time with “Sir Poddington” and good books.