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Risk more. . . worship more. – Wednesday May 16, 2007


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What a stretching fabulous time with some incredible young godly women. 

I learned so much.  The question is. . .  Will I remember?

Like Paul said to the Corinthians, “Every time I think of you – and I think of you often! – I thank God for your lives of free and open access to God, given by Jesus.” (the message)


Change – Friday May 4, 2007


 We said farewell to Rose on Wednesday.  It was so weird.  I hardly knew how to say good-bye.  How do you say good-bye, after living together for three years?  You become so much a part of each others lives and then just like that you part ways and. . .  I think it hasn’t sunk in yet.  I’m sad.  I’m upset.  I’m confused. 

IMG_5047  I think she probably is too.

IMG_6381   These times are coming to an end.  Sadness and Despair.  Three of these people are already gone.  One’s leaving in a few months.  The final five?  God only knows. 

I’m depressing myself.  I think I’ll stop.  Later.  Hopefully a  happier later.