Change – Friday May 4, 2007


 We said farewell to Rose on Wednesday.  It was so weird.  I hardly knew how to say good-bye.  How do you say good-bye, after living together for three years?  You become so much a part of each others lives and then just like that you part ways and. . .  I think it hasn’t sunk in yet.  I’m sad.  I’m upset.  I’m confused. 

IMG_5047  I think she probably is too.

IMG_6381   These times are coming to an end.  Sadness and Despair.  Three of these people are already gone.  One’s leaving in a few months.  The final five?  God only knows. 

I’m depressing myself.  I think I’ll stop.  Later.  Hopefully a  happier later.



  1. LAugH_OuT_LoUd4  •  May 4, 2007 @10:36 pm

    yup, I am! See you there? Cool. Have a great weekend!

  2. Anonymous  •  May 6, 2007 @1:00 pm

    yea, we’re def havin’ a good time! glad u lyk the pic… she had fun doing it! :)

  3. Anonymous  •  May 12, 2007 @5:38 pm

    it was good to see Rose….the feeling you’re having i’m glad i didn’t have too much of since i was one of the firest to leave our “pack”!!  God bless!

  4. dreamstillcometrue  •  May 14, 2007 @2:51 pm

    it’s my dear lucy!
    i just wanted to say again how much i loved having you on our canoe trip this past weekend… your beautiful spirit really was an inspiration to me in a place that was outside of my comfort zone… thank you.
    (oh and i must say your header makes me giggle, thinking of our early morning awakenings two mornings in a row.)

  5. howfarisheavn  •  May 14, 2007 @3:26 pm

    hey really sorry bout all the change youre facing right now…i really dont like change either but God knows best! it was really amazing getting to know you this weekend! you did a really awesome job as an alumni. keep letting your authentic beauty bless the ppl around you! your awesome. cant wait to hang out again sometime!

  6. Livn4Jesus316  •  May 14, 2007 @10:04 pm

    *sniff* *sob* *sniffle* I MISS YOU ALREADY!!!!!!!!! love you dearie!

  7. iheartMrYoder  •  May 16, 2007 @1:53 pm

    thinking of you. that has to be hard.

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