Just another day at work – Monday July 2, 2007


the brother:  Do you need a new room-mate?

the sister:  eh?

the brother:  There’s a rat in the pipe-house.

the sister:  I think I’ll stick with the frog

Just one of the random strange conversations that my siblings & I have at work.  My header is another quote from work.  Don’t even know what it was in reference to.



  1. Livn4Jesus316  •  Jul 3, 2007 @7:45 am

    miss lucy,
    i drove past your house this morning and saw your car parked in the driveway….*sigh* we need to “bounce stuff off of each other again….” 😉 love you! have an amazing day!! -jessie

  2. bcuzHElivz  •  Jul 3, 2007 @3:44 pm

    siblings are the best!!  :)  and what is it that you do at work?

  3. Anonymous  •  Jul 4, 2007 @6:25 am


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