Sunday September 2, 2007


So I’ve been back for over a week now, but am only now taking the time to update.  The trip was amazing.  My poison cleared up fast – thank God.  So I wasn’t scatching annoyingly all week long.

We encountered some serious rain on Monday and Tuesday which kinda put a damper on excitement, but we still made some good memories.  Wednesday it didn’t rain but was cloudy and then Thursday (my favorite day) we actually saw the sun for a short bit over lunch.   

The rainy times. . .

Janell pics 152 Janell pics 174 Janell pics 139 Janell pics 155

the better times. . .

Janell pics 274 Janell pics 224 Janell pics 164 Janell pics 253

and the crazy times. . .

Janell pics 207
Teresa encouraging me to go off the rope swing.  You can’t really tell it on the picture, but it was one steep hill we climbed and it was a bit of a fall into the river.

Janell pics 242
A big rock that Kyonna got us all into jumping off.  She was day leader and decided that if five of the eight agreed to do it, we all had too.  So all of us, minus the camera person (Katrina) climbed up the rock.  Then Kyonna, the motivation behind it all, twisted or sprained her ankle climbing down part of the rock, so she sat and soaked her foot in the freezing cold water and never got to jump off.

 Janell pics 182

Teresa is a deer, Katrina a tree the deer is hiding behind, and Janelle is the hunter with a gun.  Don’t ask for anymore expanation.

Janell pics 183
Janelle is actually in the middle of a river, in a canoe, standing up, sawing off tree branches.  We were desperate for dry wood and knew that are campsites had a sparse supply. 

Our mascot. . .

Janell pics 195

I felt like this trip was as good for me as it was for the girls.  It was a learning, growing experience for me.  I loved seeing the girls respond to things and work together and open up.  I’d do it again in a heartbeat.  Minus the rain, though, I hope.  In normal conditions (normal meaning a roof over my head), I don’t respond well to rainy days, let alone in abnormal conditions (abnormal meaing no roof, just a tarp or maybe just my rain gear).  The rain was definitely a challenge for me personally.  Thanks to all of you who prayed.

The guys went on their trip this past week.  Sunshine all week long.  I’m jealous, but I’m glad for them.  They did some serious rapids and managed to flip or swamp two canoes.

So now summer activities are over and we are flying full speed ahead into Autumn.  Which is a good thing.  School starts next week and things instantly slow down.  The doorbell is silent and we wonder what to do with ourselves.  And then we get busy again hosting weekend groups, having homework club, restarting Thursday night Bible Study.  And so the seasons change and life goes on.




  1. beautyamoungthebeasts  •  Sep 2, 2007 @6:42 pm

    Good post.  Enjoyed the pics! 

  2. beckyfox  •  Sep 3, 2007 @9:24 am

    Fun pictures. Looks like you’ll had a good time.

  3. datcgf  •  Sep 3, 2007 @12:05 pm

    Good to have you back and to be back myself.

  4. dreamstillcometrue  •  Sep 4, 2007 @7:40 pm

    yay, i’m quite excited to find another person in love with lists like me!
    compiling little bits of random happiness… i can’t get enough of it. :]
    i miss you my dear. i do think it’s time for another reunion of the God Seekers, what do you say? some beautiful fall evening…

  5. bcuzHElivz  •  Sep 5, 2007 @12:38 pm

    thot of you all out there in all that rain. I personally love rainy days, but then I’ve never been on the river with wet raingear, and tarps, and canoes, and , and everything!! God bless you lady!

  6. howfarisheavn  •  Sep 5, 2007 @4:53 pm

    hey wow yal survived! three cheers! :) looks like a good trip!

  7. beautyamoungthebeasts  •  Sep 6, 2007 @10:07 am

    Enjoy meeting the family!  You’ll do great and I’m sure he has great people in his family! 

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