Sunday September 23, 2007


Got a call from one of my youth girls around 9:00 tonight.  Her little one year old brother was in the ER at Temple uncounscious and on a breathing machine and she wanted me to come in.  Duane and I ran in and prayed with them and ended up taking some of them home.  The family was for the most part being brave, but mom was blaming herself.  He got ahold of some heavy duty cleaner and swallowed some of it.  He’ll spend a few days in intensive care, but hopefully he’ll pull through.  He’s such a cute kid.  It was unreal seeing him laying there with tubes everywhere in this huge bed. 

It brought back memories from the last time I was at the Temple ER.  A much different situation.  Almost two years ago, Rose and I ran there in the middle of the night after recieving a call from a mother who’s 25 year old son had got shot.  He was no longer living till we got there and we ended up spending a couple traumatic hours with the mom and her daughters. 

We sat with some of the family in the waiting room a bit and a couple of them mentioned what they were doing that day and how they so didn’t expect their day to end like this.  And isn’t that so typical.  We live our lives, thinking we’re in control.  Like we know what our day is going to hold.  And then things happen that are out of our control and our world crashes.  I’m just thankful that I serve a God who’s in control no matter how chaotic or confusing or stressful or wrong, life may feel.




  1. beautyamoungthebeasts  •  Sep 24, 2007 @2:00 pm

    Praise God we don’t have to worry about being alone or fearful of life and death.  What a mighty God you and I both serve and even though it’s hard sometimes we still have the assurance that God IS is control. 


  2. dreamstillcometrue  •  Sep 25, 2007 @10:27 am

    “I’m just thankful that I serve a God who’s in control no matter how chaotic or confusing or stressful or wrong, life may feel.”
    amen and amen.

  3. dreamwings  •  Sep 26, 2007 @5:05 pm

    “big game?”  you got me completely confuzzed

  4. Livn4Jesus316  •  Sep 26, 2007 @5:30 pm


  5. dreamwings  •  Sep 28, 2007 @9:09 am

    they are from the creation night…i wasnt really interested in the firemen

  6. dreamwings  •  Sep 30, 2007 @1:01 am

    creation….making there of
    creation… create new

    the night we made the vball court….unbaffled?

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