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Wednesday October 31, 2007


Thursday October 4, 2007


DSC02376 Went to DC on Friday with Kellie, Lesh, & Rose.  Fun, fun.  We caught the chineese bus in cc and arrived in DC’s Chinatown about 2 and a half hours later.  We went to the holecaust museum, WWII memorial, Jefferson memorial, Washington Monument, and the White House.  We walked and walked and were quite exhausted til we dashed the 10 plus blocks back to the bus-stop.  And then we (like all 100 of us) crowded up and tried to get on the bus all at one time.  And we four somehow all managed to squeeze in the door without getting separated and we got some of the last seats.  Not sure what happened to the poor people who didn’t get on.  We were prepared to call Dan (dad to Lesh) if we missed the bus. 



Lesh and I attempting to take a picture with the monument in the back-ground.


The four of us with our state.  Kellie is technically from New Jersey, but she was born in Philly so she can be considered a Pennsylvanian.

IMG_5423 When we got back to Philly Friday evening, another event was about to begin.  A reunion of all former and present single staff associated with 6th street within the last three years.  The workaholic had to work on Satuday, though, so she is not on this picture.

The other week for staff activity we went to Cape May.  It was such a wonderful relaxing time.  We chilled on the beach, had a cookout, spent more time on the beach, and then enjoyed the quaint town of Cape May.  Norma and I are proud of where we’re from.

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