Wednesday October 31, 2007



  1. laugh_wi_me  •  Oct 31, 2007 @10:10 pm


  2. busdriver45  •  Oct 31, 2007 @10:49 pm

    ….Duane got a haircut….

  3. past_the_wishing  •  Nov 1, 2007 @12:05 am

    nice pics….

  4. Livn4Jesus316  •  Nov 1, 2007 @9:11 am

    sweet pics lucy! i’ve been feeling rather ‘bouncy’ as of late. how bout you?

  5. myfrey  •  Nov 1, 2007 @11:14 pm

    Thanks for the pictures!  Looks like some good times.  C-ya on Sunday!  Luv

  6. busdriver45  •  Nov 2, 2007 @11:52 pm

    …negative on the gloating. It was merely a literary burst of sorrow for your sake pertaining to your apparent loss of the “hair” fight.

  7. dreamwings  •  Nov 19, 2007 @2:29 pm

    wow, i believe i actually just had a missing you twinge. i must be deranged! can thursday come really fast? i played settlers last night with conrad. 3 games. he was determined to beat me. tell the lovely ladies in your house i said hi. can i come visit again soon? i suddenly had a missing janell & teresa twinge too. not sure bout these twinges maybe its just my eye twitching again…..omw! there are more snowflakes falling down out the sky! (of of of) <- you are rubbing off on me! help! rescue me! ok, so i’m done with my verbal rampage, and you can delete it if you feel so led.  :)  < did you like the one by your name?

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