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Wednesday November 21, 2007


The other day Janelle was babysitting Antoinette.

IMG_6859 IMG_6858


They took little naps in between.

IMG_6861 IMG_6874

Went Frisbee golfing with Shannons the other night.  I scored my best score ever, thanks to the fact that we were playing as a team. 


Beautiful scenery at the Japanees gardens.


Tyria stopped by the other day.  And no, that is not candy hanging around her neck.  It is an actual bead necklace. 

Girls retreat!

So much fun.  We went to Dave and Roberta’s Bed and Breakfast.  Toured their Cheese Factory, saw cows, acted like kids on the trampoline, ate food, and gabbed. 


IMG_6902 IMG_6894

Scared of cows, are we?                                                    Dancing with Lesh

 IMG_6893 IMG_6882

Kish & Janell                                                      Katrina & Kish

IMG_6901 IMG_6900

City slickers on the farm.                                                   

And tonight. . .  Kim and Mya came over to spend the night.  We baked cookies, read books, and we are currently in the process of brading hair.  Janell’s braiding mine (I get to hang out on the computer) and Mya’s braiding Janell’s.  Good assembly line going on here.  Kim’s doing “free rice” for the poor.  It’s a cool computer program that donates rice to poor every time you answer vocab words correctly.  The girls get smarter, and the poor get fed.

IMG_6941 IMG_6935

Story time with Amelia Bedelia                                                     Mya taking cookies off the sheet.


Miss Kim doing dishes.

Earlier tonight Janell, Duane, and I took a walk up the street.  The wheel-chair bound neighbor lady was headed back from the grocery store when she got hit/ran over by a construction vehicle.  She’s in intensive care with head injuries.  It happened this afternoon when I was at work, but the wheel-chair remained in a tangled mess on the sidewalk.  So sad.