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Life in Texas – Monday December 24, 2007


We’ve been enjoying ourselves down here.  Texas welcomed us with very nice weather, but something happened on Saturday and things got rather cold.  Sunday morning, I think it was below 30 when we wokeup (er, I mean, when some people woke up).  I don’t think it will take long for my in-laws to find out how much I like to sleep in. 

The first two days, we visited doctors.  All reports came back clear and the one Doctor that he used to see every six months, graduated him to yearly visits. 


This is the Doctor who “saved” Duane’s life.  He refuses to take credit, though.  He credits it to God, which is true of course, but I’m thankful that God has given Christian men like him the ability and knowledge to do what he does. 

IMG_5969 IMG_5974

Duane’s family.  It’s a large tribe.  Lots of fun.  We were all together yesterday for Christmas dinner, including Duane’s grandma, two Aunts, and an Uncle and his family.  Full house.


Duane and I with the large Texas sky and beautiful moon in the background.


Daune and his brothers – Phil, Harold, Jason, Duane, and Tim. 

Well it’s time for Duane’s mom, sister, and I to head to town to meet the men for lunch.  “Head to town.”  That’s so fun to say.  So countryish. 

All right, we’re heading to town.  Later.


A Walk in the Park – Wednesday December 5, 2007


A week ago Duane and I went out for a normal date (so I thought).  Go to a park to see the Christmas lights, then to Starbucks to warm up.  We were walking through the park, when we came across this bench.


We sat on the bench, we talked, he got down on his knee, I said yes!  And the hugely large sycamore tree got to witness it all.  We will remember that bench for the rest of our lives and hopefully the tree will live on so we can always know which is “our bench”.

IMG_5809 IMG_5803 IMG_5811

Then there were fireworks in our honor.  Oh wait, I think that was a shaky photographer.  It was amazing how even strangers were excited for us.  We told everyone in the park.  O.k. thats a little false.  But it felt like everyone should know and that the whole world would rejoice.