changes in the neighborhood – Saturday January 12, 2008


Lots of changes around here lately.  One of the most noticable ones is the fact that our back-yard is no longer private.  Technically it never was because two houses border our property with pretty almost full view of the back yard, but there was one section that you could hang out in and not be seen.  Not true either cause kids could always peek through the fence.  But now, a whole row of houses has gone up along the back street with easy viewing pleasure of our back yard.  Houses that are going to be going up beside us might soon be changing our view of Center City.  Anyways, it’s kinda exciting and kinda scare – the thought of all these new neighbors.  Not sure when they’ll be moving in, but it looks like it won’t be long. 

A sad change in the neighborhood is that the dear old neighbor lady (in her 90’s) passed away in December.   They didn’t even have a funeral for her, so it kinda seems like no closer.  She just is no longer in her house.  It’s kinda crazy because she had us believing that she was close to death a number of times in the last couple years but she always managed to pull through.  And then she kinda went unexpectedly.  She was such a sweet lady.  She’s the one who told us that if you go out in the cold and aren’t dressed properly for it, your body “cans” the cold and comes out years later as arthiritis.  So different times when I’m out and I’m cold and not dressed warm enough, I think about the fact that my body is “canning”. 

Another kinda sad and yet exciting change that’s in the process of happening is that Duane and I will be moving out to Lancaster.  Exciting because Duane’s got a great job and it will be nice to be away from the busyness here.  Sad because, after living here four years, I really wasn’t expecting to leave.  I’m really gonna miss this place.  We’re hoping to be able to move back here in time. 


Me and Alica dear.  Duane did something unique to this picture but I love it.

IMG_0871 IMG_0873

The blue crew got together at Marie’s the other day.  Here they are planning the next time we get together quick before we depart.  Marie’s had a dear little baby girl since we were last together.

IMG_0669 IMG_0650

My cute little nephew and my dear little niece who lives in a faraway land.  She will be living about 15 minutes away after my move and her families move.  Yeah!!! 

IMG_7050 And a couple months ago we went hiking and meet this renowned philadelphia photographer who took our pciture for us.  And I forget her name, so I can’t even direct you to her website.

 IMG_6589 If your reading this (which you would be, of course), send a prayer heavenward for this girl.  She’s feeling a bit upset right now after spending most the afternoon in the ER to recieve stitches on a nasty cut on her hand.  She was planning on heading back out this afternoon to SMBI where she’s a cook, but instead, it looks like her and her brother Jevin will be spending the night again.  She went to bed about as soon as she got back from the hospital. and she’s still there, so I guess we’ll keep her for the night. 




  1. bcuzHElivz  •  Jan 13, 2008 @4:14 pm

    I’m not too fond of changes myself, but welcome to the neighborhood!  Maybe we’ll have to have you over sometime…

  2. twofus_1  •  Jan 14, 2008 @2:13 pm

    Glad you got the job and location thing settled. :)

    I just sent D an email about the photo order.  If you get in before he does, would you mind confirming?  Thanks. 

  3. iheartMrYoder  •  Jan 14, 2008 @7:57 pm

    it was so fun to see marie, jolynn and monica on that picture.. would be fun to see you all again. marie’s baby is so cute! how’s the wedding planning going?

  4. floridabreze  •  Jan 15, 2008 @12:12 pm

    Marie’s baby looks so much like a little Andy!! Wow!! I hope we get to see them when we go up in April! It’s hard for me to imagine Andy as a Dad! LOL!! 

  5. Anonymous  •  Jan 29, 2008 @11:58 am

    I’m SO happy for you, Lucy.  I had no idea you were engaged. You and Duane make a wonderful couple.  Happy planning….  Make sure you take time to enjoy it, even though it is busy!!  Best wishes.  Junita.

  6. Duane4Annamary  •  Feb 16, 2008 @3:58 pm

    I luv Xanga! It just reveals to me even more what a small world we live in! I used to run around with Marie and her bro Scott. and I am married to a Duane! I hardly see it spelled that way anymore! I don’t really know you but I was a member @ PV for less than a year before I got married and moved to Bethel. I heard about you. My 2nd cousin, Denise was in Philly for awhile.

  7. mtyoder  •  Feb 24, 2008 @5:38 pm

    i forgot you had a site. And you are getting married!!! Congrats!!!!!!

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