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How do you say goodbye? – Wednesday April 23, 2008


 I just spent the most delightful afternoon with my dear neighbor girl.  Last school year she came over every Wednesday after school for homework club.  We didn’t have homework club this year because they have all kinds of after school activites, but she has tired of the after school program and has begun to come over every Wednesday again.  She does her homework.  We talk about my wedding.  She’s all excited about it and wants to know all the details.  She helps me plan.  She asks questions.  We play games.  We eat dinner.  We just spend time together.  And today we talked about some heavy things. . .  some sad things.  How do I leave?  I’m excited for the next chapter in my life, but so sad to be leaving this place.  I wish the two could be combined somehow.  But at the same time, I realize that leaving is the right thing for right now. 



My political side – Wednesday April 16, 2008


Hillary and Obama are in town.  About 7 blocks away (how weird is that).  Actually, they’ve probably finished their debate or whatever was going on by now.  Politics definitely intrigue me.  I haven’t been staying very up to date, but like to check up on things everyonce in awhile  I wonder what would happen if people would take as much of an interest in Spiritual things as they do political?  I wonder what would happen to our nation?  I wonder where our country is heading?   I wonder who will be the next President?  I wonder what life will be like for the Bush’s post-presidency?  I wonder how Jenna’s wedding plans are going?    

I’m being entirely too random.  Must go to bed.


My life in pictures – Friday April 4, 2008


210 214  

The youth girls suprised me and threw a birthday party for me.  I was so touched.  Sheanise, who was the master-mind, said “You’ve lived here for four years, and I never really did anything for you”.  The did a good job pulling it off, too, with the help of Norma (she co-teaches their class with me) and Janell and Teresa.  It was a fun evening of remembering by-gone days.  Sheanise had everyone share a best and worst memory.  Her best memory with me, was going to sing for her mom at the hospital with two other people (her mom is no longer living).  It was neat to hear what all they remembered, cause some of the stuff I had forgotten about.  Like the time Tiffany and I made the crazy decision to shop in Center City in the rain.  We decided never to do that again.  So many memories with these girls.  They were 6th graders when I got to know them, and now they’re headed off to college this fall.  Sniff, sniff.  My girls are to little. 

 034 031 024 022   Youth nite last month.  Dan & Marty were in charge.  They watched the “Jesus Film”  (while I hung out with my sister who was down for the weekend) and then we made funnel cakes. 

013 016 015 014 012 019

We went to the cabin, we girls.  It as our last girl thing before Rose and I get married.  It wasn’t the last girl thing, though.  Lesh has made it clear that we still will do our “girl thing” even if we’re married.  And there’s no way, I’d want to give them up.  We’ve had so many good times together.


Michele was down Easter weekend and we went into center city and M took a bunch of pictures.  Yes, this is us standing in the middle of the Ben Franklin Parkway.  We fit right in with all the other crazy people out there.  It was St Patricks weekend and there were some crazy street parties going on.

IMG_7724 IMG_7813 IMG_7845 IMG_7746

Duane got to see what the “real” Lucy is like when she’s with her like-spirited sister.  We were acting so crazy.  I think it was my idea to take a picture with the “stop here on red” sign.  I thought it was so creative.  Duane was very long-suffering that day and had to put up with a lot of craziness.  Actually, he had his video camera along, so he was able to ignore us most of the time.  My sister brings out the craziness in me.  Michelle, and everyone else, tries to blame me for it.  But I think it’s just the combination of us. 

 IMG_7848 I think my sister is a very talented photographer.  Isn’t this. .  . Umm, I can’t think how to describe this.  Maybe charming. 

032 And here she is, this crazy sister of mine.  Don’t ask me what the beaming object is on the front of her jacket.  It’s there to distract you from my cheeziness.

Good day.