How do you say goodbye? – Wednesday April 23, 2008


 I just spent the most delightful afternoon with my dear neighbor girl.  Last school year she came over every Wednesday after school for homework club.  We didn’t have homework club this year because they have all kinds of after school activites, but she has tired of the after school program and has begun to come over every Wednesday again.  She does her homework.  We talk about my wedding.  She’s all excited about it and wants to know all the details.  She helps me plan.  She asks questions.  We play games.  We eat dinner.  We just spend time together.  And today we talked about some heavy things. . .  some sad things.  How do I leave?  I’m excited for the next chapter in my life, but so sad to be leaving this place.  I wish the two could be combined somehow.  But at the same time, I realize that leaving is the right thing for right now. 




  1. twofus_1  •  Apr 24, 2008 @8:39 am

    Those are the hardest good-byes!!!  My heart goes out to you.

  2. Anonymous  •  Apr 24, 2008 @9:36 am

    Yeah, its coming together slowly. How are wedding plans coming for you? I hope the painting goes well, and that you are soon done. I know the feeling! Take care!

  3. beautyamoungthebeasts  •  Apr 24, 2008 @1:34 pm

    so sorry things are coming to a bittersweet closure for you.  Blessings as you make your last memories monumental.
    See you in a bit!

  4. Anonymous  •  May 28, 2008 @4:43 pm


  5. laugh_wi_me  •  May 30, 2008 @12:35 am

    Hey Luz I can tell you miss us! I’m leaving wed through fri…. Yes you will see me at Mike’s wedding!

  6. iheartMrYoder  •  Jun 19, 2008 @10:49 am

    i hear your all married off. so how’s it treating you? i’m sure you love it. it sure beats dating! tomorrow is our 5’th ann. time flys when your with someone you love!

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