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Doctors – Tuesday June 24, 2008


7:30am – Walking to the door evaluating my feelings about doctors.  For a long time now, I thought I didn’t like doctors.  Nothing against any of them personally, just what they represent – sickness.

8:15am –  Really, really disliking Doctors Offices and everything that goes along with it.  Worried about what I might find out back in the recovery room.

8:27am –  Nurse calls my name.  I walk through the door.  “Everythings clear”, she says.  Whewww.  I breathe a sigh of relief and now cannot wait to get back to the recovery room.

8:28am –  Duane’s alert, feeling well. 

8:46 am – Meet a nice nurse. Meet a nice doctor.  Meet another nice nurse.

9:20 am – Walk out of Doctors office feeling like they aren’t so bad after all.  Today they represented health.

9:45 am – Eat the first meal with my husband in approx. 60 hours. 

Another year – cancer free.  Thank you, Jesus.