Life in the country – Thursday November 6, 2008


Life in the country means. . .

-more time spent with family

-long weekly (sometimes twice a week) drives to the city

-rolling hills

-driving everywhere (no walking, biking, busing, training)

-single story book stores

-farms and farm smells


nicer more liked grocery stores


IMG_6465  IMG_6471 IMG_6468 IMG_6470

Summer was in the process of leaving us when my family had this one last cookout/picnic/corn roast.  Chiara was always asking to have picnics and we all kind liked them ourselves.  My dad did a corn roast.  Pretty good I must say. 


Went to Texas road House for the Texan.  I enjoyed it as well, of course.


We have to eat in shifts around here when we have company.  I’m thinking maybe it’s time we just get that bigger table. 


Date night.  We went to Barnes & Nobles.  The weirdest thing happened to me when we pulled up to the store.  I noticed the childrens section through a window and thought to myself, “hmm, they have their children’s section on first floor”.  I immediatley took an overall glance of the building and realized that it was all one story.  Every section was on the first floor.  At that moment I realized that I was expecting a two or three story bookstore like I’ve gone to the last four years.  I forgot, that things are normally on one floor here in the country.  The coffee shop just didn’t have quite the same affect sitting there on ground level.  Something about being up on second floor with city lights and action to observe out the window.  Nevertheless, we totally enjoyed ourselves. 



  1. past_the_wishing  •  Nov 6, 2008 @11:30 pm

    Hey…how’s life without the Texan?  Ok, not for long.  

  2. twofus_1  •  Nov 7, 2008 @9:59 am

    The picture of the children in the tree s adorable!!

  3. myfrey  •  Nov 11, 2008 @10:44 am

    Marlin Kent got all excited when he saw the pictures of Grandpa, his aunts & uncles & neices.  He kept saying ooh!, ooh!  Have a great day!

    your sis

  4. myfrey  •  Nov 23, 2008 @12:59 pm

    Oh, silly me – I meant cousins! 

  5. wilmingtonchristians  •  Nov 24, 2008 @8:41 pm

    you wouldn’t be partial to redheads would you

  6. iheartMrYoder  •  Dec 4, 2008 @2:58 pm

    so wow your in the country now. i sure bet that is different. did you guys ever think of moving to texas? that;s were he’s from right?

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