It’s Christmas Time. . . – Friday December 26, 2008


 in the city country.

Texas for the holidays.  Actually, previous to the holidays.  Lots of good times to be had by all.  Texas treated us to its unpredictable, extreme weather.  70 degrees one day, 30 the next.  Crazy, but I was thankful for a few warm days, where I could ditch the shoes and run around in short sleeves. 

We spent a day in one of our favorite cities.  I guess it’s a favorite, because we have visited it more then any other city (besides Philly) in the last year and a half.  It was a cold day, so it did feel wintery and Christmasy.  Such fun.


The crew – Rachel, Jason, me, Duane, Lois, & Joe.  Plus Tracey who was the photographer for this one.


Like I said, it was cold.  So we took advantage of this heater along the walkway to warm our hands.  While most of us are seriously warming our hands, Joe seizes the opportunity to “shoot” the photographer with the pop-guns they bought for the two little boys at home. 


These guys are proud of their way cool 3-d glasses.  The mirror maze was definitely a hit and it helped that it was warm in there.


Oh, and we hung out at the mall also.  Went to this awesome store where they left us try these amazing massage chairs.  Thankfully I’m the one in the far chair, cause a close up shows just how exhausted I must have felt.  Not too flattering.  Everyone else has perfectly peaceful and content expressions.  The kind of expression that is appropriate for sitting in a massage chair.


By the end of the evening it was frigid.  But the lights and the carriage ride made it worthwhile.


And you can’t go to San Antonio without visiting the Alamo.  Gourgeous at night.


And then the one evening, Joe’s had us over for his famous blooming onions.  Actually, we I kinda requested them.  It’s a lot of work, but oh so good.  And lucky for us, Joe loves making them.


The chef himself.



Tyler and I had a date on Saturday.  I went over to his place to play Mario Cart.  He had to teach me how to play.  He beat me every time. 


And here’s the whole crew on Christmas day.  Seriously, that was work.  Renita and Carmen where reminiscing about a previous time when too many people were barking orders and everyone was grumpy.  I’m not sure why we torture ourselves every year.  And for goodness sake, we just got a family picture taken in May.  I guess Phoebe and Zion weren’t on that picture.  Can’t break a Christmas tradition.


Ewww.  This one is a bit fuzzy, but I had to include it.  That is Duane’s Grandmother Helen in the front.  She’s about to be 90.  Dear, sweet lady.  And then there is Norma, Rachel, Susanna, Lois, Ruth, Ann (mom), Irene, me, and Andrea. 


And this is about the only picture I have of Christmas Eve and day with my family.  I’m so not a picture taker these days.  Maybe if I’d start working on my albums I’d be more into it.  Sigh.  The table was beautiful, though.  The food was good also.  And the people were pleasant and wonderful.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.



  1. dreamstillcometrue  •  Dec 29, 2008 @9:34 am

    how lovely! i’ve long wanted to visit the riverwalk in san antonio…

  2. msluz  •  Dec 29, 2008 @7:09 pm

    @dreamstillcometrue – Hope you get to go sometime.  We love it. 

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