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My “no work” Day – Wednesday January 28, 2009


So when I realized the my birthday was gonna be on a Wednesday – the day I don’t go to work, as in, outside the home – I decided that I’d like to have a day to just do “me things” and no work.  Since Wednesday is usually my catch up on laundry and cleaning day, that meant work needed to be done Tuesday night.  And Duane went to work helping me.  We also wanted to watch the movie “Fireproof” that I had just picked up, so that meant some major fast work.  I was working on laundry between bites of dinner and Duane was just trying to shove it in fast enough to keep up with me (I eat fast, he eats slow).  After dinner he dashed down to the basement to fill the coal, and dashed outside to sweep the dusting of snow off our walk, while I frantically did dishes.  Then I swept the kitchen floor and he followed behind me with the mop.  Next a quick dash through the shower and into some comfy clothe, and we were sitting down to the movie – with our snacks (his healthy, mine unhealthy) – by about 7:15. 

He made me promise (sort of) last-night that I would do no laundry today and that I would not do dishes.  I promised with a few clauses.  I just had to fold the load off laundry lying on the bedroom floor that we didn’t get to last night.  And those dishes sitting in the rack from last-night – It would look better if they were put away.  So with those two items of work behind me – oh, and I made the bed, too – I was prepared for my “no work” day.

I enjoyed the snow, from the indoors of course.  My car and I are staying put today.  Until Duane gets home.  Then I will venture out. 

IMG_7473 IMG_7476 IMG_7474

And then, my first project of the day – Organizing my recipe book.  I have this handy recipe book that my sister gave to me years ago when I was moving to Philly.  She had put together a bunch or her favorite recipes for me and since, I have added many to it.  The problem was, a bunch were just on any odd paper and shoved in randomly. Therefore, serious disorganization had taken place in the book.  So although this might seem a bit like work, I wrote recipe’s and organized the recipe book today.  And I enjoyed it, so I don’t think we need to call that work.

IMG_7477 IMG_7478

The chaos


and the result.

Spent some time reading and journaling today, which I don’t do enough of.  It took me about 3 months to read the last book I was reading.  And granted, it was a “heavy” book, but I just don’t take the time for it like I should.  I love to read.  The book I’m currently reading is about hospitality by Rachael Crabb and it’s a very easy read.  I’m really liking it, cause it’s so practical. 


And then, this delighful friend stopped by.  So much fun to spend time with her.  She brought be stuff which is always cool.  She was cleaning out her closet, so I recieved some hand-me-downs from her.  So then I went up to my closets (yes, that’s plural) and she recieved some hand-me-downs.  I love how we exchange clothe.  It’s like our clothes has two lives. 


And we had such a wonderful time chatting.  We don’t know how upper 20 year olds are supposed to act so we just continue being ourselves and figure the way we are is the way 25 & 28 year olds are supposed to be. :)  Nobody ever told us differently.  Maybe people have been dying to tell us that we act nothing like 20 somethings, but haven’t heard that yet, so life continues as we now know it. 

And in an hour or so, Duane should be home from work and we get to go OUT TO DINNER!!!!!   I love eating out.  Couple reasons – 1) don’t have to cook, 2) eating out food is just so good, and I can’t think of a third reason right now, but I’m excited. 

So turning 28 isn’t so bad, I guess.  I received lots of birthday wishes, and a lovely gift from Jolynn, birthday cards, and I got to relax.  I think it’s safe to say “It was one of my best days”.  And it’s not even over yet.


My “no work” Day – Wednesday January 28, 2009



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Back in the day



Long long time ago, in an fun city, at a delightful ice-cream shop, with some amazing people.

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Today I’m thankful for. . . – Saturday January 17, 2009


 the creek.  Yes, we have a creek running through our farm.  Ahh, still weird, the idea of me living on a farm.  But back to the creek.  Yes, we have a creek running past our house.  It originates from the largest spring in Lancaster County which also happens to be on our farm.  That spring is our supply source for water.  So right now, as in today, I’m not exactly pleased with the spring.  The zero (was it zero? sure felt like it.) degree weather froze up the spring, or was it the pump, or was it the pipes coming out the spring house?  Whatever it was, we don’t have water today.  Not a single drop.  Sigh.  So that is why I’m thankful for the creek.  We can pick up a bucket, walk 50 feet to the creek, and have water.  So therefore, we can use the facilities today, and we can heat up water and wash dishes, and we can heat up water to clean.  The only thing I can’t do today that I was planning, is laundry.  Unless, I dig out the old wash-tub and scrub-board.  Hmm, now there’s an idea.  Nah, I’ll just scrapbook instead.  What a wonderful excuse.

Well, I must be off.  Chores will take a little longer today since we have to hall our water.  I’m just glad it wasn’t the heat that quit.  Unlike the people in Ukraine who are shivering in there houses.  Seriously, those money hungry monsters need to be smacked upside the head and then put in an unheated house for a couple days.  I can’t stand greed!!!!  Ahh, we leave in a greedy world.  Hmm, I wonder where my greed-o-meter is these days.  So now I have something to ponder as I do my difficult chores.  One bucket of heated water, coming right up.







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