25 randoms


1. I live on a farm, but I’m not a farm girl. Ask me to tell you the difference between a heifer, a cow, a steer, a Jersey cow, a bull – I might need some help. Take me back to the city.
2. I have this thing about hidden talent. I wonder some time if I’ve got some talents that were never able to surface, cause they’ve never been found. I wonder how much hidden talent there is in the world.
3. I’m hoping that one of my hidden talents is now being found. At least, I’m HOPING that playing the keyboard is a talent. Sigh. I wish it would just happen. My keyboards sits there across the room, challenging me to “go ahead and try to play my wonderful ivory keys”.
4. A warm spring like day makes me want to tear into spring house-cleaning.
5. I love to travel. I google plain ticket prices to distant cities, just to see what they are going for. I found us an amazing deal, just last night on ticket to London for $78. I was ready to book them. No, we don’t have a reason to go there other then to enjoy the sites and experience life, but at that price, you don’t need a reason. Add on the $400 some taxes and fees, and I realized it wasn’t such a good deal. For that price I’ll go somewhere I really have a reason to go to.
6. I love to cook and I love the challenge of grocery shopping within the budget. Until, it gets to the end of the month and the grocery envelope is looking a little dry. Then I get frustrated and confused about where all the money went to. All that money just being devoured in our bellies?!? Craziness.
7. I love relationships.
8. I love troubled children and I love helping them to figure out how to work out problems with others, especially at camp.
9. I can’t wait to plant my garden.
10. I have two jobs – secretary & waitress. Secretary is definitely more in my blood. Something about staring at a computer screen and price book for hours each day that kinda thrills me. Sigh. So ready to be done with price updates, but I’m pretty sure there’s plenty more.
11. I like waitressing because it allows me to interact with people – very fast like. I work at a diner where we promise the customers their food within 5 minutes (or something like that), so that means flying around making customers happy. And it’s always a challenge trying to turn a grumpy customer into a happy one.
12. Some customers demand so much time. “Can I have this? I need some Ice. What’s the upstairs used for? can you get me some extra napkins? (so I pull them out of the napkin dispenser that’s sitting right in front of them). Can I have the biggest apple dumpling?” And these questions wouldn’t be asked all at once. More like, when I bring them one thing, they ask for the next thing which I have to run for. And then repeat that proceedure a time or two.
13. This random post was not intended to be a rant about work.
14. I love to read, but I hate windy days.
15. I like family time – going to the cabin, having cookouts, or just chillen at my parents.
16. I like going out to eat – especially with friends. And we sit and talk for hours and hours and I walk away feeling so encourged and so blessed to be living life right here, right now.
17. I love trips to Texas. Actually, can get kinda tired of the travel time, but I love being down there. Preferrably when it’s not roasting hot, which I’m sure it will be when we go down next.
18. I love bloomin onions.
19. I’m about to have a “reunion” with the girls a trekked over Europe with about 5 years ago. Can’t wait.
20. I love list’s. I make to do lists all the time and love checking off very detailed things that take, but a minute to do, just so it feels, like I’m actually getting somewhere on my list.
21. I like to term myself as an “adaptable” person. I’m usually just ok with changes. In fact, often times, I look forward to changes, while other freak out and want things to stay the same.
22. I often don’t realize what I missed out on until I have it once again. Probably due to my adaptable nature. For instance, I don’t often miss family and friends I haven’t seen for a while, until I’m with them again. Then I’m like “wow, I miss this”.
23. Real relationships mean the world to me. I love a good talk over coffee, or hours spent over dinner with friends.
24. Haiti is calling my name.
25. I could do without facebook. I like being connected with friends, but get tired of all the invites, etc, etc. No offense to anyone. I just don’t like taking the time. I’d much rather look at peoples pictures, read comments from friends, or leave comments. Maybe I should just sign off facebook, but then I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to make this lovely list.



  1. phillygrrl  •  Feb 14, 2009 @8:29 pm

    Love your list! So glad we’re getting together soon :)

  2. Haiti  •  Feb 16, 2009 @2:21 pm


    haha you thought i was actually haiti :)

    good post & yes, random m

  3. Ginger  •  Mar 2, 2009 @4:47 pm

    Just thought I had to check out your blog. Have a great week.

  4. Laura  •  Aug 30, 2009 @10:54 pm

    I never ever post but this time I will,Thanks alot for the great blog.

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