Why I’m glad I married a computer freak


(I can’t call him a geek, cause he doesn’t think he’s worthy of being called that).

1. I never have computer problems.
2. If I do have computer problems, he is usually able to quickly fix them.
3. I can present power points (put together by him, of course).
4. When he needs to fix a friends computer, the whole family comes over and we get to spend the evening together enjoying one anothers company, as well as, strawberry smoothies.
5. He gets crazy ideas that I should become a web designer. (I think he forgets that he’s the techie one, and because of him, I remain computer illiterate.)
6. He designs books for me and surprises me.
7. We design photo books together. Can be stressful, but character & relationship building.
8. And last but not least – I get to have a cool site like this which I totally couldn’t have accomplished on my own.

Seriously, my learning of all things computer related ended when Duane came into my life. It’s kinda sad, I know, but he knows so much more then me, so I just let him do it instead of learning it myself.

My next blog should be titled “Why I’m grateful that my nephew is a computer geek”. He’s also responsible for me being able to have this site.



  1. Lydia Jo  •  Feb 11, 2009 @12:51 pm

    Looking good Lucy! I love a real blog. -Jo

  2. phillygrrl  •  Feb 14, 2009 @8:31 pm

    You’re so lucky, sigh.

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