When I started this blog, I was going to faithfully update it. :( Not sure what happend here. I guess life, so here is an update on “life”.


This was over a month now, but we got to spend a weekend with Jason & Jolynn. He came up for the weekend and stayed at our place which is really cool, cause that means we get to see lots of them.





We made soft pretzels because Jolynn had gotten her hands on some Auntie Anne’s sauce. The double ‘J’ would be for Jason and Jolynn, of course. Then we have the cancer awareness symbol (to remind us of our miraculous God who chose to heal). And then the traditional pretzel. And I actually managed to get the “twist” down this time. Monica used to try and try to teach us how to do the amazing twist, but I never got it. Decided to try it this time and it kinda worked. Yeah for Monica!










We got to spend the evening with Phil & Michelle & company the other evening. Was a delightful evening from the delicious taco salad, to the guitar playing, to the converstations. We really appreciate and enjoy time spent with this family.










And the latest excitement in my life – Aldi. I’m sure the only people who are gonna get this, are my Philly friends. But I recently discovered an Aldi about 20 minutes from my place. Considering that a have at least 4 grocery stores within 10 minutes of my place, it seems a bit crazy to drive 20 minutes. But we happened to be driving by it on Tuesday night and we took the time to stop in. I love Aldi. It’s where I learned to grocery shop. And I love their prices. It was like coming home. I don’t think I was ever so excited to walk down the aisle of a grocery store. And I got my favorite peppercorn ranch chips (you know what I’m talking about, Teresa). O.K., enough of the drama about the grocery store.

Another thing in my life lately has been attending a weekly Bible Study. Marty host’s it at her house and Teresa Beachy leads it. The theme has been centered around who God really is. I’ve really been enjoying it. Talking about God awareness, relationship with Him and how that fits in with my relationship with others, and then how God reveals Himself.

Blessings to all this weekend.
-Lucy, in the country.



  1. Jolynn Zimmerman  •  Mar 14, 2009 @2:16 pm

    Looking forward to this wknd w/ you!
    Fun reading about world and seeing pics!

  2. Jolynn Zimmerman  •  Mar 17, 2009 @9:41 pm

    I agree! it was a good wknd. Wish we would have taken at least ONE picture though… oh, well. Next time!

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