April Projects


Ahhh, spring.  My almost favorite season.  Autumn would be my favorite, Summer fun but not favorite, & Winter – the least favorite.  And while I’m talking about seasons, why does Autumn get to have two names but Spring, Summer, and Winter don’t.    Hmmm.   Something to ponder on a boring day.

Spring makes me feel projecty.  And I’ve got a number of projects planned for this month. 

1)  Scrapbook – started last month actually by doing about 10 pages in one day.  Hope to keep rolling on that.  Some serious catching up to do.  But I’m determined to do it.  Scrapbooking is kind of like an art to me.  No, I’m not an artist, but I get to express my creativity (though limited), my thoughts, my feelings through my pages. 

2)  “Damage Cleaning” – Some of you may refer to this as Spring-house cleaning.  I thing Spring-house cleaning sounds like a huge overwhelming  job that takes hours & hours.  So I prefer to label my cleaning attack on the house this spring  “damage cleaning”.  Damage cleaning has the idea that you fly around furiously, getting major work done quickly.  I feel much better about calling it that.

3)  Gardening – No, I’m not a crazy early planter like most people around here.   Haven’t started yet, but hope to have some of my garden in by the end of the month.

And I think this is enough projects to commit myself to this month.  Now I’m off to do some more damage cleaning, then maybe a little scapbooking.

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