Family Time



Spent a lovely weekend  in Huntington County with my family.  It was Easter weekend so it meant we had an extra day.  We all headed up, at random times, Thursday evening and stayed until Sunday afternoon.  That meant there was plenty of time to relax and have a good time.

We did some damage hiking the one day.  And by “damage” I mean serious, serious hiking.  Almost impossible to do in a skirt, but I did it, so not entirely impossible.  There is something exhilerating about hiking like that.  I love defying my limitations and scaling a mountain.  It just feels good.


The upward climb.  This was approximately two thirds of the way up the mountain.  We scaled rocks like this pretty much the rest of the way.


Taking a break.  Yes, Conrad hauled the gun along.  Our protection against any wild animals.  I think he was regretting it, though, because it added extra weight, plus caught on every-other branch.


We made it to the top.  Gorgeous view of two valeys on either side of the mountain range.


On the home stretch.  It’s almost just as hard walking down-hill as evidenced by my brother walking backwards.  By this time our legs are started to feel the strain and the down-hill slant want to propel your body faster then your legs can keep up with.


Mom, me and the little guy on a walk.  The point of the walk was two-fold – exercise for mom and I, and sleep for Marlin.  It worked. :)


I thought it was so cute how she sat there and watched him play.

img_7150My family loves to sing.  We spent quite a bit of time in the evenings singing through our Uncle Aaron’s Zion’s Praises.

img_7192Mom and Desirae sharing peanuts.  And yes, they were at the edge of a cliff.  Well, maybe not a cliff but a pretty steep bank.

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