“worth-ship”  or giving worth to something.  Hmm.  So we say we worship God.  We give worth to Him?  That doesn’t seem right.  Maybe it is that in worship we are giving our worth to Him.  Whatever the case. . .

We gathered, we worshipped.
The roof top at night.
Few stars, many city lights.
Some music, some conversation.
Some solutide.

Bible School has been pretty amazing.  My thinking has been challenged and stretched.  What I prayed for is happening, but I didn’t know that it would look like this.  The Spirit of God is working, challenging people.  And God is magnified.  Teachers who didn’t know if they could do it, are thriving.  It’s been an amazing first week.  And here we are at the start of a new week and I’m waiting excitedly to see what the Lord will do.


Moses has been coming to Bible School every night, I believe.



So what do you think of our t-shirts.  I think they’re pretty cool.  I know the designer. :)


My parents and most my siblings (Myron, you’re a sibling) came down for church Sunday morning.  We went out for a picnic lunch, along with two of Chad’s friends Jon and Brandon.  We weren’t out long, but it was cool seeing family again and being out by the river.


And my darling neice.



  1. Yvonne  •  Jul 14, 2009 @1:35 pm

    So, how do you like your hubby’s new look? I was pretty sure it was him, and it was confirmed when I looked on his blog. Hope your last week goes well!

  2. Harold  •  Jul 15, 2009 @12:34 am

    I am excited for you all keep up the good work!

  3. Lucy  •  Jul 15, 2009 @8:41 pm

    Thanks for you encouragement. :)

  4. Lucy  •  Jul 15, 2009 @8:42 pm

    He’s having a lot of fun with it. Went over to the park the other night and kinda freaked some guys out.

  5. Joanna Yoder  •  Sep 3, 2009 @7:09 pm

    That top picture…the girl hugging “Moses”…I know her, I’m sure that I do. Does her name begin and end with an A? (I don’t want to put her full name on here…) If it does, then I was her penpal many years back. I’ve often wondered how she is…

  6. Lucy  •  Oct 7, 2009 @1:59 pm

    @ Joanna – You’re right. She’s doing good. One of my best friends. Actually going on a picnic tonght with her and the family.

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