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The gift of pain


Most of us hate pain. We hate all pain. We hate pain all the time. Thing is pain is actually a good thing. It notifies us that something is not right. I’m thankful for the pain Duane & I were experiencing the other night. Had we not had pounding headaches, we would not have opened the windows, and quite possible could have been overcome by the Carbon Monoxide fumes that were in our home. Two days later, with a Carbon Monoxide alarm now in our possession, we are headache free and mostly carbon monoxide free.


The Messes I Make


So the other day, I got my self in a bit of a predicament. My attitude amazed me. I called on Jesus to bail me out.

-God, please let the lights be green
-God, please freeze time, make it stop
-God, I need that map to upload NOW
-God, help us find a parking place

I was about 5-10 minutes away from the place I needed to be when I realized how demanding I was being. I had got my self into the mess and just expected God to come along, pick up the pieces, and make it all right.

So I attempted to change my attitude and become a more thankful person. I thanked God for. . .

– a new day
-work, a job to go too
-an understanding boss
-that He DID make all the lights green
-the extra half hour of sleep I got (in an almost embarrassed tone)

And then I did ask God for one thing yet – that He would find us a parking place in Downingtown. And He did, and my boss only got there maybe 5 minutes before I did. And we only got to market five minutes later then usual. And I hope I never over-sleep again. And I’m thankful that God fights for me even when I’m being self-centered.

The next day I DID get to sleep in. Only had to be at market at 11:30 – Bliss!!!

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