The gift of pain


Most of us hate pain. We hate all pain. We hate pain all the time. Thing is pain is actually a good thing. It notifies us that something is not right. I’m thankful for the pain Duane & I were experiencing the other night. Had we not had pounding headaches, we would not have opened the windows, and quite possible could have been overcome by the Carbon Monoxide fumes that were in our home. Two days later, with a Carbon Monoxide alarm now in our possession, we are headache free and mostly carbon monoxide free.



  1. Eugene  •  Oct 27, 2009 @3:40 am

    Oy. I’m glad y’all had headaches.
    Is this something we’ll hear again at LIFE? Sounds like the title of a book that’s required reading at some point during the course… :)

  2. Jason  •  Oct 28, 2009 @2:36 pm

    The blessings of pain…

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