The Messes I Make


So the other day, I got my self in a bit of a predicament. My attitude amazed me. I called on Jesus to bail me out.

-God, please let the lights be green
-God, please freeze time, make it stop
-God, I need that map to upload NOW
-God, help us find a parking place

I was about 5-10 minutes away from the place I needed to be when I realized how demanding I was being. I had got my self into the mess and just expected God to come along, pick up the pieces, and make it all right.

So I attempted to change my attitude and become a more thankful person. I thanked God for. . .

– a new day
-work, a job to go too
-an understanding boss
-that He DID make all the lights green
-the extra half hour of sleep I got (in an almost embarrassed tone)

And then I did ask God for one thing yet – that He would find us a parking place in Downingtown. And He did, and my boss only got there maybe 5 minutes before I did. And we only got to market five minutes later then usual. And I hope I never over-sleep again. And I’m thankful that God fights for me even when I’m being self-centered.

The next day I DID get to sleep in. Only had to be at market at 11:30 – Bliss!!!

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Christy  •  Oct 20, 2009 @12:41 am

    This sounds waaaay too much like me!

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