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Our travels


We got back from Ohio on Sunday night and proceeded to Las Vegas, Nevada the next morning.  With all the craziness of getting ready for two trips at the same time, I forgot to consider the climate of Las Vegas.  Let me remind you – Las Vegas is in the dessert.  We were boarding the plane in Philadelphia, I’m wearing my wool coat and new scarf my mother-in-law had just made for me, when I over hear someone talking about the weather in Vegas.  In a most bewildered confused moment I turned to my husband and asked him if it’s warm in Vegas.  That expains why my husband, a Texan who usually wears way more layers then me, had left the house in a light jacket that morning.  That should have been my first clue.  Needless to say, a coat and scarf were tucked away in the closet for the week.

And my, how we enjoyed the week.  Well, Duane was working and he enjoyed it.  He loves shows.  I was vacationing and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  I had taken a bunch of projects along and didn’t get near all of them accomplished.  But I did get relaxing accomplished and that was about the most important.

This is where Duane hung out all week.  He loves stuff like this -meeting customers, hanging out in an auto-parts world.

This is where I spent my days.  :)  By the pool or else in side my room working on my many projects – scapbooking, reading, gabbing with Sara.

And we spent the evenings together.  Sara and I would go pick up the men after the show (which ended at 5:00), then we’d try a different place for dinner every night. 

A couple evenings we checked out sights on the strip.  This picture, due to the blurry nature, does absolutely no justice to the grandeur of this conservatory.  This was located inside the lobby of a hotel.





Watched a water show the one evening on the 10 acre lake in front of the Belagio Hotel.

Another hotel we checked out one evening – Luxor.  We were told if we take the elevator to the top floor, you have a pretty neat view.  We attempted it, but due to security, it’s no longer allowed.  We still enjoyed the sites on the first floor.

Vegas is crazy.  Everything is just large.  I actually really enjoyed it.  Obviously, we didn’t get around to all parts of the city, but the parts we saw reminded me nothing of the ghetto I’m used too.  Clean streets, plenty of lanes (no traffic jams), and palm trees.  The days were pretty warm, but in the evenings it would cool off to just comfortable.  Now the gambling?  That’s a whole other story.  I’d need a separate blog post to describe all that.  You first realize that you’re not in just any ordinary city, when you walk off the plane.  Slot machines greet you upon your arrival.  And the casinoes?  Wow!  The nice thing for us, is that the casinoes make everything else cheaper, or free – like parking for instance. 

Farewell Vegas.  Until next year.

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Road Trip


Duane & I were looking forward to this trip for a number of reasons.
-we were looking forward to spending time with our traveling companions
-were going to see a brother and a nephew
-connecting with the Shirk’s again
-sitting under the sound of a very wise teacher, learning, growing, etc.

We weren’t dissappointed, to say the least.


We enjoyed being tourists on Friday.  Thanks to Eugene’s Aunt & Uncle, we had wheels for the day and got around quite well.  First stop – the original facebook. 


This little girl is such a cheese. 



We got a free tour of the Heinese Cheese place and a load of free samples.


We stayed in Little Switzerland a.k.a. Sugar Creek.  Learned so so much.  We couldn’t take it all in.  I’d try to take notes, but then I’d miss the next thing he was saying.  RVL is an amazing teacher.  The Word became more alive. 






The weekend was so inpsiring
–  I came to a better understanding of the word Shalom and long for the return of Shalom to this Chaos we live in.
– Realized again that God doesn’t want any to perish.  He even wanted the Egyptians AND Pharoah to know him.
– So grateful the just the finger of God is more powerful then any force of evil.
– I will never be able to experience Communion in quite the same way.  Jesus took the 5th cup – the cup of God’s wrath.


The weekend made me want to become a disciple.  It definitely gave me more of a desire for the Word.  The Old Testament is way more exciting then I ever thought.  So much good stuff.  I want to take it all in.  RVL has scripture memorized like crazy.  I want to get the Word in.


This little girl was so exhausted by the end of the day.  She’s pretending to sleep at the dinner table. 


Traveling in the R-V thanks to my grandfather.  The little miss loved the “bus”.  We all did actually.  It was an awesome way to travel.


Orion must have something powerful to say – probably just expressing his feelings about the phillies losing.


It was so fun to be able to connect with the Shirks a bit.  It was much to short but well worth our time.  Got to see and hear more about there world.