My sister




As much as we can tell each other off, and at times annoy each other, I have been known to say at various times concerning various things, that she’s the one that “gets me”.  And the thing is, we have differing opions at times, but she’s still the one who “gets me” and I can say just about any crazy thing and she won’t really thing that I”m crazy.  She’s o.k. with it.  She’s fine with me.  I like her a lot.


And as calm and mature as she looks most times, that’s not always the case. 


We connect.  Sometimes as very mature adults.  And sometimes it’s our immaturity that forms the bond.


Right now, I’m amazed at God.  I’m amazed at how God works and orchestrates things in our lives and presents oportunities to us that cause us to make decisions that He uses for His purposes, in His time.

And I’m amazed, because the girl I saw today, didn’t seem like my sister.  It was a passionate God-filled woman who has taken up the “sword” and is fighting for truth.  Now, I’m not saying that my sister is not normally God-filled, or that she doesn’t take up the “sword” and fight for right things on a regular basis, but there is something different about it this time.  She is being so brave and bold and going places I didn’t really expect her to go.  I didn’t know what to say.  I just listened in amazement as words came out of her mouth.  She’s passionate about what she’s fighting for, but by the grace of God, she’s fighting for it in love.  She’s brave.

I just pray that she doesnt’ become mortally wounded in the fight.  I’m sure wounds will come (they already have), but I pray that they don’t kill her spirit.  Praying most of all that God wins. 


p.s.  you’re my hero, Michele.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. m  •  Dec 22, 2009 @5:43 pm

    Thank You for those kind words, although I do think the hero status is a bit premature. Someone wise once told me that eventually the truth will win in the end. I guess that means if the truth isnt winning, It’s not the end. Now my question is how do you continue to fight for truth when the others think the fight is over?

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