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It’s the weather, I know it.  Makes me think that I’m super woman and can handle like 20 projects in one week.  I got home from work last-night and it was so beautiful and I was immediately inspired to burn the trash.  And then right on top of that inspiration, came a new one – trim the hedges.  And as I walked around the farm (I like using that word.  Makes me feel so country), I decided that, yes, I’m definitely going to try to squeeze a garden in before we move.  And I decided that I’m going to do flower beds again so we can enjoy them before we move.  And since the neighbors moved I have the opportunity to take care of way more flower beds and I think I will.  And the one flower bed has a bit of ditch in it (remnants of an actual ditch that was dug to put electric underground) so I will dig up soil from the garden to fill it in so I can make the flower bed look really nice.  And I’m ready to till the garden.

Burning the trash was sadly the only project I accomplished last-night and sadly, that one wasn’t even completed.  Burning the trash is not something I’ve done in the last year and 11 months.  We don’t have a designated place to burn trash here (other then the barrel our neighbors used) so it always went to my dads place and my brother burned it.  It tended to pile up in our outside brick-oven room.  (One time we actually filled a whole plastic mattress bag with our trash bags.  Duane was kinda proud of our huge trash bag.  I was kinda embarrassed of our huge trash bag).  We hadn’t quite accumulated that much this time, but I decided to burn it since our neighbors have moved and the barrel is now free for us to use.  Only problem was it was so full of previous trash that hadn’t ever been burned, so I could only burn one bag at a time as I tried to burn down through the old wet stuff.  It was going great until my barrel began to disinigrate (very old barrel).  I kept burning until the hole in the side of the barrel had reached approx. 8″x20″.  It was also beginning to get dark by that point so, I thought I’d better stop.  Two bags left – guess they’ll go to dad’s place since the barrel is pretty much past it’s usable years.  Poor it.

As I stared into the burning embers of trash, I pondered the fact that I really will miss this farm.  And I decided to clean up my life of everything I can possibly sweep out of it, so I can spend all week (when I’m not at work or Philly Bible Study) digging soil, planting flowers, pulling weeds, trimming hedges, planting potatoes, picking peppers, making fresh salsa, and of course, burning trash. 

And all the sudden the fact that we can’t move just yet is a very good thing.



  1. Duane  •  Apr 6, 2010 @4:54 pm

    Awesome – I can’t wait to enjoy it with you!

  2. Christy  •  Apr 8, 2010 @12:38 am

    Oh, Lucy, I love you! I’m so glad I’m not the only one who gets SO much more accomplished in my mind than in reality. :) Keep dreaming and planning, and I hope that week full of fun spring things materializes.

  3. Jolynn  •  Apr 22, 2010 @1:31 pm

    Reading this blog made me miss having conversations with you! It made me grin to myself that you have all these ‘big ideas’ and they don’t always materialize! Sounds so familiar :) Excited to be coming back to Lancaster in May! Oh, happy day in May that will be!

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