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A Servant?


So what is a servant. I, for a number of years now, have had a dislike for the word “servant” – for what it typified in my mind. Servant meant “someone who bustles around getting lots of stuff done, always, cooking, cleaning, baking, doing something for someone;  full of good deeds for people.”  And I felt justified in not being this kind of servant, cause I was more of a relational person. I was a “Mary” in a world full of annoying “Martha’s” so busy “serving”.  And I didn’t even want to be called a servant – it looked unattractive, bossy, uncaring, unfulfilling – just busy.  But my view of a servant has been shaken up pretty much lately.

We had over-night guests a few weeks ago, and I did what I like doing for guests – I made sure there bedroom accomodations were satifactory, made sure they knew where the towels were, cooked up some (what I hoped was) favorable food. These weren’t things I felt obligated to do because, after all, the Bible says we should serve others. These were things I wanted to do, because I cared. I wanted my guests to feel comfortable, filled, content, & welcome. When my Bro-in-law made a big deal about everything I was doing for them, I kinda shrugged it off, but a funny feeling was aroused somewhere deep with in me. Then when my husband later used the word “servant” to describe me and the things I was doing, many mixed up emotions surfaced.

“He called me a “servant”?!?  “Have I really attained servant status?”  “Do I really even want to be a servant?”

And then a friend commented that I have a heart of servanthood. These comments messed with me so much, cause I didn’t like what my definition of a servant looked like.

And I wonder. . . Is being a servant more then bustling about doing good things?

Is it possibly servant-like to:
> Listen to someone when they just need to talk
> To take time away from “doing good things” to make a child feel important/special

Yes, I believe it is also servant-like to do “good things” for others. But I’m served best when you take the time to sit down and drink coffee with me, as opposed to spending hours in the kitchen to put on a good meal for me that we can’t even enjoy together as you dash around to serve me.

I wonder what a servant really is?  I wonder if I am a servant?   And I wonder if I am ok being called a servant?

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