And the relatives came


It was so fun to have Joe & Jason here for a whole week and Lois part of the time.  Such good times.  Joe came for a wedding one weekend and a conference the next so the week in between was dedicated to helping Duane with the house.  Jason was up for the same two occasions and spent some time at the house as well.  Lois joined us at the end of the week.  I like Joe & Lois.  I like Carla.  I like Jay & Jolynn.  I like Duane’s family.  :)  I like the city.  I like our house.

The crew at the end of the week.  They got so much done.  Such a blessing.  Thursday afternoon, we decided to take the afternoon off and explore some sites of the city.

First stop was Reading Terminal market for lunch at the Dutch Eating Place, then on to the comcast center for a “look-see”.  My husband has taken numerous people there since he first discovered it, but had yet to take me.  I was impressed with uniqueness, as was the rest of the Friesen tribe.

Next stop – Love Park for a group shot.

I think these two are in love.  :)

This picture is on here, not because of the quality and the amazingness of the picture, but because of a humorous event that took place here.  Elfreth’s Alley (the street behind us)  is the oldest continuously inhabited street in Philadelphia.  It really is something to see, so we took a stroll down the alley.  Joe was commenting rather loudly, as we strolled, things like “I wonder what it’s like to live on  a tourist street”, and “I wonder if these houses that have been in ‘the family’ for years.”  About that time I noticed an Elfreth’s dweller sitting on his front step with his Ipad, kinda smirking, maybe?  Since he had already heard all of the aforementioned brother-in-laws loud ‘wonderings’, I decided to just verbalize them to him.  Found out his house was not a “family” home, but he had purchased it from a listing on Craiggs List.  I was intrigued, to say the least.  We didn’t really get any feedback on what it’s like to live on a tourist street, though, but I think his smile kinda told us.  :p



  1. Katrina Weaver  •  Oct 19, 2010 @12:59 am

    Keep thinking about you! Are you about to move to the city? Its been so long since I saw Philly people.
    School is busy this week, but thats ok. Keeps life interesting! Weekends are busy doing random things.

  2. Lucy  •  Oct 20, 2010 @12:38 am

    Has been awhile. You should come down some Sunday. The move time is getting closer, but still not finalized.

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