Camp 2010


Another year of learning, another year of stretching, another your of facing fears, another year of little sleep.  It was the best of times, it was the worst of times (not really).

The sports hating, hide & seek in the dark loving, wild, crazy boys.

The energetic, creek-walk loving, rule hating, delightful girls.

I ended up spending some unexpected extra time with these girls and the rest of their cabin.  These girls were scheduled for Ropes course (2 hours of challenging working together style activities) at 9:45 on the second day of camp.  Around 8:15 or so, we found out the facilitator was not going to be able to make it on account of his wife having a baby.  “The lot” fell on me, to facilitate the two hour session.  Thankfully, I wasn’t on for chapel speaker that morning, so I spend a good hour with one of the other staff members, receiving some inspiration and ideas.  This cabin was a fun group of girls.  We started out well, coasted through most of the morning well, and ended terrible.  These girls know how to have fun when they have fun, but they also do pretty good at sporting attitudes.   Let just say that the camp director learns more then the campers at a week of camp, she thinks.

We both chose a new look for camp.  Duane’s, completely new.  Me fourth time around, I believe, but it’s been years.

Moments of camp:

– One night the little girls cabin wasn’t doing so well.  Actually, they were all doing well, except for one girl who literally was throwing the worst fit I ever saw.  She was so wild and out of control, I’m sure she gave herself numerous bruises.  Thankfully, she wasn’t destroying anyone else.  Just her own stuff, her own bed.  And lucky for the rest of the cabin, their cabin had two rooms, so the counselors just herded the rest of the girls in room number two and let her throw her fit.  This went on for quite some time, until the electricity suddenly went off and darkness descended upon camp.  She instantly snapped into a calm girl.  Still have no clue what all was going on inside that girl.

– A couple cabins all learned Bible memory and got to go on the zipline.

– Pool time.  Usually a low stress, fun time.

– Chapel.  This was the third year, I believe, that Duane and I shared the chapel load with 1 or 2 other couples.  I really enjoy doing chapels at camp.  For one, Duane and I get to study together.  I get free ideas from him and he from me.  Number two, I love the opportunity to speak truth, to talk about my God and what He has done and wants to do for us.

– The chill time.   This year, unlike other years, included a few non-busy moments for me.  We had great counselors which meant us directors were not needed as much for working through issues.  And I guess we had a good schedule.  I needed those non-busy moments since the days proceeding camp had been more then busy.

– The morning staff meetings – a time of encouraging one another and getting ready for another day.

-Nature hours.  Something new we did this year.  I was in charge of a nature hike and did it four different times with a different cabin each time.  It was fun taking the girls to new area’s of camp that they had never been before, discovering cool things about nature along the way.

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